Finance: starting a law of customs tariff

Finance: starting a law of customs tariff

Posted, 03/01/2014 14:40

Finance-starting a law of customs tariffFollow-up – and babysit – Minister of Finance Agency purity of net debt, on Thursday, the launch of a law of customs tariff, noting that the entry of goods will be through the new mechanism.
Safi said in a press statement that “the Iraqi ports in Basra began, today, the implementation of the customs tariff law,” noting that “the port is the first institution embarked on the implementation of this law, which became effective as the government’s decision.”

“The Ministry of Finance and Customs Authority has prepared all the necessary arrangements to implement the law properly,” adding that “the delay in implementation of the law has contributed to the ministry to grant sufficient time to prepare cadres.”

He drew the net to that “there are other tours we will be doing in the border ports of the country to follow up the implementation of the law and to ensure the success of the application that will serve the Iraqi economy,” adding that “docks in Umm Qasr and stronghold actually began Btbaiq law and we will work to ensure the success of this step, in addition to facilitating procedures for the entry of goods through a new mechanism. ”

Referred to as the “Iraqi Council of Ministers decided in (the seventeenth of December last in 2013), to approve the agenda imported goods covered by the application of tariff law Alkmarki. Q, Q