Expert: runaway weapon behind Iraq was to earthquakes and floods

Expert: runaway weapon behind Iraq was to earthquakes and floods

Posted – JANUARY 2, 2014

F16's to IraqBAGHDAD – Shaima Adel – Tamara Abdul Razzaq

Detecting an expert in the science of air force Iraq was a U.S. runaway climate change led to the country in 2013, causing floods and earthquakes and several climatic changes.

The expert said at the University of Mustansiriya grace Fatlawi (time) yesterday that (the most prominent incidents in 2013 are occurring 4 floods in one year and exposure Iraq for more than 6 earthquakes), he said (the rain that fell during the past year, specifically the last 8 months amounted to 110 millimeters in time that she was a single bottle. 67 millimeters, more than half the annual amount of rain that had fallen earlier). He Fatlawi that (Iraq subjected to experience American, or rather we were to force a new U.S. called (fugitive) and this experience a secret until now did not complete, but at the stage of the experiment), indicating that (this weapon is trying to United States of America to use in the future rather than the use of weapons, aircraft, missiles and so for through the use of a fugitive as a means of changing climatic elements and their industry accidents disasters in certain countries) remarkable that (weapon runaway in the trial phase will complete in 2025 and therefore will turn the United States to use a new type of weapons is with making natural disasters States by changing climatic elements), referring to that (America will use this weapon in states far from the control and monitoring of scientific and be a good place for experiments, and Iraq is a breeding ground for their experiences and already Ajerib we have two experiments first was the flooding that we’ve had and the second is the earthquakes these incidents are industrial and the most important is that Iraq is not within the line of earthquakes is impossible we were to earthquakes, but this experiment shows by Iraq for more than 6 earthquakes and the most important of these incidents show that Iraq has in terms of weather in 2013).

Meanwhile, the (predicted rough waters of the General Authority for air and seismic monitoring of the Ministry of Transportation to have the weather on Thursday Cloudy with some pieces form the clouds). He Almenbi air Mohamed Abdel Rahim told the (time) yesterday that (the effect of the country’s merger biggest loser of the first and the second Red Sea from the Mediterranean subsides and the weather is clear. Emergence and pieces of clouds and fog form and gradually disappears). He added that Abdul Rahim (maximum temperature of 16 degrees Celsius and a low 5 ° C and ranging from 10 to 20 kilometers per hour and visibility of 6 to 8 km in the fog of 2 to 4 kilometers).