Auction Central Bank monetary policy threatens to collapse

Auction Central Bank monetary policy threatens to collapse


Baghdad / Orr News

Auction Central Bank monetary policy threatens to collapseWarned parliamentary sources familiar with the collapse of the Iraqi monetary policy in light of the continued dollar selling in the auction of the Central Bank, and revealed a blueprint for the continuation of the process of money laundering agreement with American officials through non-recognition of the Iraqi dinar in international transactions.

The sources said that “the financial policy of Iraq at a critical juncture in the light of the growing phenomenon of selling the dollar at the central bank auction to sell the currency,” indicating that “the government is not aware of this risk and is oblivious also on the level of collapse concealer suffered monetary policy in light of the marginalization of the presence of the Iraqi dinar, which What still is not recognized in international business dealings despite the passage of 11 years since the change of the former regime and the lifting of international sanctions on Iraq. ”

The sources pointed out that “the failure to adopt the Iraqi dinar in business dealings and international economic serves as the execution of the Iraqi economy, arbitrary and intentional,” pointing out that “this phenomenon, according to foreign experts within the biggest corruption in the history, the agreement between senior American and international companies leading the laundering operations and money laundering. ”

Previously, specialists in economic affairs that strongly criticized the policy of the central bank in control of the Iraqi dinar exchange rate and demanded reconsideration of the auction sale of the dollar, but the latter insisted on continuing to sell foreign currency and Usaha to include all government and private banks.

The bank said in a statement issued in the month of April, “The process of cash sales for the dollar continues through the central bank auction conducted by the sale of foreign currency,” adding that “sales operations include all government and private banks, according to quotas and timings of time so special” .