Deputies: can not postpone the election because of the general budget

Deputies: can not postpone the election because of the general budget

2013-12-31 14:29

Deputies-can not postpone the election because of the general budgetBAGHDAD – LaSalle cactus
Many insist on linking the draft general budget of the date of parliamentary elections in April 2014, where there is the difficulty of seeing the possibility of financing the electoral process as required while others believe that the date of the elections is a red line that can not be untouchable

He MP Hussein Net member of the Legal Committee expressed hope that the coming period, stepping up the pace of traffic and prodding towards approving the budget, which is expected to arrive this week to the House of Representatives.

Safi said in a statement to the news agency public opinion (and babysit), “The budget has not up to now to the House of Representatives is expected to arrive this week to the Council and in turn will refer them to the relevant committees, for example, of the Legal Committee and Finance in order to study and scrutiny of all aspects and then voted on in the House of Representatives.

He said a member of the state of law in ăÇíÎŐ Kurdish demands for approving the budget had been reached several agreements between the center and Kurdistan in addition to the occurrence of reciprocal visits led to the resolution of some of the problems about the budget and this will facilitate the approval of the House of Representatives and passed smoothly.

And the net to everyone he knows that the draft budget at a time of approval are exposed to pressures and strifes and political outbidding and especially now he encountered with a period near the election, there are a lot of parties working to exploit it to suit their personal interests.

He added that there is a push to please certain groups will have history on m and a leg to contest the next election as part of a propaganda campaign.

MP Hussein predicted net first and foremost, he must pass the budget because the delay will lead to the extension of the legislative term and this in itself is a big problem because the country on the verge of elections.

He called Net political blocs to seek a serious plan to pass the draft budget immediately arriving at the Parliament according to the visions realistic and rational political history is far from over because the delay will affect the state institutions and projects and the investment budget

On the one hand considered Hamid Buffy the Kurdistan Alliance MP linking some quarters disable the budget demands of the Kurds and in fact is not the demands but is part of the Kurdish rights guaranteed by the Constitution as “an injustice and accusations baseless”

He said the Kurdistan Alliance MP in a statement to the news agency public opinion (and babysit), said the delay in the budget is attributed to the procrastination of the government and not send the budget to the House of Representatives, which may affect the election date was delayed and not made on time.

Buffy said that the Kurds need to see the completion of the issue of the budget early so that it can operate in this budget and achieve a sort of development and construction in other parts of Iraq.

On a related MP from the bloc citizen Habib Terminal that the date of the election and made a red line can not be postponed and not tampered with because Iraq needs a change and the change is not only elections Fund.

He said the terminal told news public opinion (and babysit) “It’s very unfortunately has undergone issue of the budget and approval to some of the history of political and partisan interests and factional narrow nationalism led to the delay of this limit.

He added in saying that he was supposed to reach the budget in the House of Representatives early in a 15-10 this year because they need to read the first and second and then be voted upon.

However, to say that the Commission has allocated sufficient funds to do its job to make all the logistical preparations for the election to take place this election on time and seamlessly.

For his part, predicted political analyst Hashim Habboubi that the budget year, the country’s delayed and delayed more about the schedule more than previous years.

He Habboubi in a statement to the news agency public opinion (and babysit) “to what it should be noted that the budget Elbe so far are in the corridors of the Prime Minister’s Office and the Cabinet because it had not yet sent to the parliament.

He Habboubi that every issue now of decisions will be politicized and be within the framework of the process of propaganda since Thursday and until 30-4 next year.

And between political analyst said the budget Tather on development because the investment budget, which is largely affected by this delay.

He explained that the general budget of the country is the point of contention and political bargains and sometimes subjected to blackmail the government in preparation for approval.

He pointed out that what looms now is that the problems have become much more than all the previous years, so it is very possible that there will be budget sanctioned by majority as last year.

He added that some Habboubi mistaken when he believed that the adoption of the budget as soon as possible will increase the chances of winning the elections because these blocks believes that approving the budget, the government will benefit because the approval and start constructing projects that benefit the citizen.

It is noteworthy that the parliamentary elections will be held on April 30, 2013, which is the largest political event takes place every four years to elect 328 people will occupy seats in parliament, and form the largest parliamentary bloc government, and often were rumors of postponement of the current election because of a failure to approve the budget on time some believe that the claims Kurds, one of its causes, which banished completely amid assurances against the possibility of postponing the elections.