World Bank lends Iraq $ 355 million for the development of roads and safety

World Bank lends Iraq $ 355 million for the development of roads and safety

Posted, 12/21/2013 19:18

World Bank lends Iraq 355 million for the development of roads and safetyProject will be implemented in conjunction with the Iraqi government, which would contribute $ 384 million dollars, and the Islamic Development Bank, which will amount to $ 217 million as a first stage.

BAGHDAD / obelisk: The Board of Executive Directors of the World Bank to provide a loan of 355 million dollars to the Iraqi government to finance the transportation routes and Thassanaha and raise their quality.

According to a statement of the World Bank, the new project aims to reduce road accidents by 25 per cent in the two passages linking Iraq with neighboring countries in the north and the south and west, also aims to improve the quality of roads and safety on them, and encourage the participation of citizens in public life, and to promote national unity, and to deepen regional trade integration. The project will be implemented in conjunction with the Iraqi government, which would contribute $ 384 million dollars, and the Islamic Development Bank, which will amount to $ 217 million as a first stage.

Commenting on this, said Fred Belhadj Country Director for bright Arab World Bank, “will lead this project, which covers the main road in the country to facilitate the movement of trade between the provinces of Iraq, and with the neighboring countries. Also will lead to the promotion of economic growth, and improve the quality of services along the trade corridors International through which most of the movement of goods and trade exchanges. Iraq suffers currently from one of the highest rates of road accidents in the world, The rehabilitation of highways to improve the level of safety by the telly travel time and travel. also will be able to travelers and citizens from reporting on road conditions by using their mobile phones and technology System GPS GPS “.

It should be noted that the long years of war that has gripped Iraq has led to a weakening of the ability of workers in the bodies of the ways to manage the transport network that stretches for about 48 thousand kilometers effectively. It also resulted in poor maintenance of roads for a significant increase in traffic accidents to arrive, according to government reports, to about 6 thousand deaths in 2010, or double that figure, according to estimates by the World Health Organization. Iraq and overlies a first rank in the list of the highest rates of road deaths in the world, and is ranked second in the region where the number of 32 deaths per 100 thousand inhabitants in 2010. It is expected to increase the level of safety on the roads worse, and that is a burden on the Iraqi government’s ability to manage transportation costs, and expense of health care, disability and handicap, and labor force participation limited.

The new project focuses on building the capacity of national institutions to enable the Iraqi cadres of planning infrastructure projects and management of implementation and maintenance. Will brief the participants in the project, in particular on modern methods in the field of road management, and international procedures for procurement and financial management, and procedures for environmental protection and social development.

The project will establish a system for citizens to report road conditions would enable the population in towns and neighborhoods from expressing their opinions about the quality of roads and service areas. It also will sponsor the creation of side channels can pass wires through which an optical fiber, so as to strengthen the broadband communication networks. Individuals will also be able to report irregularities driving at speeds dangerous or reckless manner, and accidents, and the presence of pits, and the absence of protectionist barriers, and cases of pollution on the roads. This means the matter is that timely and accurate information about traffic crashes, road conditions, temporary works and it will become available. It would also enhance the effectiveness of the management and efficiency of roads, including the possibility of communication and control of traffic safety and the application of the rules on the ceilings of the loads.

Will be given to Iraqi women, in light of the rise in the number of families headed by women, priority in employment opportunities in call centers that will be created in the bodies of the roads. And women will benefit from the training opportunities that are sponsored by the government, and you’ll get the opportunities associated with the development of a functional level of their performance. The project will provide temporary jobs aimed at low-skilled labor among the poorest 40 per cent of the population in Iraq.

There will also be new construction of apartment blocks, and improve the current breaks along the roads, which will create safer areas and the safety of the work of small businesses, in light of the decline in the risk of road accidents. The project will take into account the needs of 150 thousand Iraqis are suffering from disabilities in the movement, and by providing restaurants and toilets in the service areas along the road corridors, especially for wheelchairs.

For his part, Ibrahim said Dajani, head of the team working on the project at the World Bank, “This project is the result of close cooperation between the Ministry of Construction and Housing and bodies of Iraqi roads and a working group of the World Bank. Project will focus on strengthening the capacity of Iraqi institutions concerned to network management and maintenance of roads through provide technical assistance to them. ”

The activities of the project will be enhanced as a result of the technical support provided by the World Bank is to reform and modernize customs systems in Iraq to promote regional integration, as well as the preparation of a master plan for transportation in the country.