Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 12-17-13

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 12-17-13

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions/predictions12-17-2013 Intel/Newshound Guru American Contractor …the Central Bank made the announcement that it would be delaying and postponing the deletion of the zero’s or printing of the new Iraq dinar. The announcements were made in the local Baghdad media. One of the main reasons for the delay is the security situation in Iraq…the security situation in Iraq must be halted before the Iraq government can move forth & proceed with printing the new currency.

12-17-2013 Intel/Newshound Guru American Contractor The Central Bank money supply is continuing at the same pace as it did in the year 2012. The Central Bank has been unable to reduce the money supply in order to keep inflation under control. If you look at the documents being published by the Central Bank it appears the money supply has actually increased since 2012. Currently, there is no viable plan to facilitate the change of the currency operation like they did in October 2003. The Iraq government has shifted the responsibility to change out the Iraq dinar to the incoming Iraq government. There is a rumor that in 2014, the Central Bank Governor will be stepping down from the position of the head of bank. We shall see.

12-17-2013 SUPER PUMPER Guru Bluwolf If this officially rv at 3.86 well then Amen, if this was pushed or imposed by the IMF internationally then we should have news on the whole international release event ( 204 countries ). This reminds me of China and Kuwait, the IMF did exactly the same thing with them and it took them 72 hours for there response to the media, one of them being ( Kuwait ) tripling the impose rates by the IMF. they are feeding you the sucker rate and since they know that you will be stampeding like cattle…(without thinking )…towards the first bank. It is strictly up to you, and what it really boils down to is if really you become a sucker for your problems or a billionaire for your problems, frankly I will be doing the second for I am definitely not a sucker.

Guru Critic, There has been NO RV. That is confirmed. I will be a very “happy sucker” instead of being a greedy jerk, greed will get you every time, just a word to the wise.

Pumper TNT Tony<–12-16-2013 SUPER PUMPER Guru TNT Tony

[via a patsy] The rate was absolutely released as an international rate at 3.85. It is currently live in Chile, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Australia, France, Belgium and Kuwait. There are people in those countries exchanging their dinar…We have confirmations all over DC that this is happening. I just don’t have an hour when it will actually happen, but they are prepared…What I’m getting right now is the rate for the IQD is minimum $5 and $1.16 for the VND, if we don’t get the contract rates or something else…We don’t know what the contract rates will be…intel changes by the hour. In fact today it changed several times…

Guru Critic, THERE HAS BEEN NO RV!! IT IS NOT LIVE IN OTHER PARTS OF THE WORLD!! I have a friend working in Kuwait, it is NOT LIVE or showing any rate change, that is fact. CBI auction today was at the same rate it has been, 1166 to $1. One more thing Pumper Tony, what happened to your “made up IQN and VNN currencies”? What happened to your reported $38+ rate? Do you care to try and explain that away to everyone?

12-16-2013 SUPER PUMPER Guru TNT Tony …We’re giving you in-the-moment, today info. We have verified that the $3.85 is a live rate in several countries. So we know it is an international rate, it’s just a matter of when it will come to us…It’s for real and it’s live…Bottom line is that we’ve never had it showing up in 7 different countries as a live rate, never had announcements in Iraq with parties in the streets, never had the world tell us “we’re going” and they actually go. This time it wasn’t a bluff and they actually did it…Enjoy the night – things are definitely happening and it’s a day we’ve been waiting for. Things are definitely happening and should look different tonight and tomorrow morning.

12-16-2013 Intel Guru TD Just about 11:30 pm Iraqi time my Amigo there left me this very interesting email, it notably speaks of “hurried action” to be addressed by parliament as they have reconvened and are back with the people’s business…the currency football implementation timeline seems to have been won by the M camp vs. the economists, MP’s, etc. who still want to delay things till after next springs elections. Back room deals and politics reign supreme in 3rd world nations…and M seems adamant about implementation sooner than later to win re-election. His (M’s) party feels the monetary mechanism will need 90+ days to start taking foothold and having a positive impact throughout the economy. STRONG RUMOR is January ( yes, just rumor)…

12-16-2013 SUPER PUMPER Guru TNT Tony Some meetings took place last night & yesterday morning regarding last minute decisions & different directions some want. They didn’t give us 800’s this morning when they could have. Here’s the story…15 – 20 – 30 minutes ago the IMF actually released the rates and released the RV. They didn’t have a lot of choices to do that. Iraq TV is announcing it and there are announcements in Mosques explaining to them that the 3 zero notes will be discontinued effective 1/1/14. They need to turn them all in or they will be worthless.

Guru Critic, that is just completely fabricated lies, nothing that Pumper Tony said is true, there has been NO rate change.

12-16-2013 SUPER PUMPER Guru TNT Tony As of right now this moment the IMF has released the rate internationally at $3.85. I do know in 6 countries it has been relased at $3.85. It is being populated in all countries world wide except the USA. The 800 #’s have not been released yet but shouldn’t be that long…today or tomrrow AM. Other countries are verifying they do have it and are sending it out to their banks now. Bottom line – those countries have banks here in the US and as soon as it’s populated we can go to those banks and get it exchanged.

12-16-2013 SUPER PUMPER Guru TNT Tony The process has started. We do have one bank here in the USA who has verified that the rate is about 7cents here but it is growing. It should go today as the world banking systems are being updated as we speak. I don’t think $3.85 is our rate, I feel we’ll still get our $32. The $32+ is still on the bank screens. We are ready to go. Everybody should be ecstatic. Give me some more time to get more info and I’ll do a blast when I get it.

12-16-2013 Newshound Guru Phoenix3333 Article: “Iraqi Dinar – Expert call for the removal of the zeroes from the currency” A lot of people don’t understand when they talk about removing of the zeroes. They think they are talking about a LOP. In essence, what they are doing is removing the large notes from circulation, 25,000, 10,000, etc. and then issuing some lower denominations and will have them associated with an upper value.