Ruled out the implementation of the process of deleting the zeros during the current session

Parliamentary sources ruled out the implementation of the process of deleting the zeros during the current session

12.12.2013 0:00

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Baghdad morning
ruled Committees of Economy and Finance the parliamentary, the implementation of the project to delete the zeros from the currency, during the current legislative session, attributed the reason to the existence of objections by the Council of Ministers on the implementation of the resolution, as well as demanding the central bank to postpone the process of starting the project .
was the CBI said, last April, that there is no intention at this time to restructure the currency and deleting three zeros of them, denying reports that in this regard, as announced by the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers in the same month, for the patient in the application process to delete the zeros of the national currency.
member of the parliamentary Economic Committee, Qusay F, said the process of deletion of zeros from the currency received objections and fears of another, and this is what led to the delay in the implementation process.
said Friday in an interview »Sabah» that the process of deletion of zeros from the currency does not need a law , but that the process needs to be legislation by Parliament, pointing out that it’s a whole does not exceed about being a proposal submitted by the Central Bank, who announced his readiness a year ago to start the application of the project, which faced a conservative by many of the political actors ».
drew MP, to that all of the cabinet and some lawmakers, have expressed fears that the process of deletion of zeros, as a result of what can be accompanied by fraud and laundering of money, which pushed for the postponement of the date of execution, although the completion of all the instructions for deleting the zeros. noted that an economic advisor in prime minister Abdul Hussein Al-Anbuge, said in an interview earlier »Sabah» presence lingered in this action until further notice pending the availability of appropriate conditions, noting that he and until now did not have the appropriate conditions, especially that the issue of deletion of zeros is not essential in the process of economic reform, and it does not help to strengthen the currency, as far as strong economic performance, the sponsor to raise the value of the Iraqi dinar more than any other measure.
, for its part, said a member of the Finance Committee Najeebeh Najib, said the central bank believes that the project raise zeros from the currency is not in too early.