Electricity: the energy crisis in the country has ended!

Electricity: the energy crisis in the country has ended!

08/12/2013 11:18

Electricity-the energy crisis in the country has endedBaghdad – and babysit – said Electricity Minister Karim Aftan Jumaili electric power crisis in the country has ended and that these units and projects currently being implemented in the three sectors of the ministry (production, transmission and distribution) is Tazbz capabilities of electric power system.
According to the spokesman of the Ministry of Electricity Musab teacher in a statement, said on Sunday that the minister Jumaili said that on Saturday at the opening of the Rumaila gas station in the province of Basra, and the entry of the first unit of the plant to a capacity of five 292 MW.

According to a statement of the Ministry of Electricity has stressed the minister Jumaili that the entry of these units and the completion of such projects puts an end to all those who question the capabilities of the Ministry of Electricity, and its affiliates, including officials and affiliates, who have spared no effort in order to please the Iraqis and bring joy to their hearts, which ravaged by suffering for years ago Because of the crisis, noting, that there is an extraordinary interest in Basra and its people touched sons months after another.

The statement noted that al-Shahristani said in a speech by the way, that the construction of Iraq is not only one at the hands of his sons and their co-operation and that this project and other projects but is one of the fundamentals that must be submitted to the Iraqi citizen who weary and burdened his shoulders electric power crisis, and that the achievement that has been made on the hands of the employees of the Ministry of Electricity and ensuring its continuing cooperation of the citizen through the rationalization of energy consumption and not extravagant … p / i