Kurdish lawmaker: America did not support al-Maliki for a third term so he resorted to Iran

Kurdish lawmaker: America did not support al-Maliki for a third term so he resorted to Iran

Friday, 06  December 2013 11:31

Kurdish lawmaker-America did not support al-Maliki for a third term so he resorted to Iran[Baghdad where]

He said the Kurdistan Alliance MP Hamid Buffy Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and members of the current government there is no chance for them to take office again in the next government, because of what he described as their failure to file service and security.

He said Buffy in a statement today, the agency received all of Iraq [where], a copy of it, “In my personal opinion, which may not necessarily be expressed blocs of political, and through monitoring the performance of the government, I see that it failed to provide services and to provide security for the citizens, but we find unfortunately lack of a sense of responsibility of the government towards the innocent blood that spilled per day, and escalating poverty rate in the provinces in the presence of the budget is enormous, hence I do not see that there is any chance for al-Maliki to become prime minister for a third term, according to my personal opinion, but I can not find any reason for it. ” .

He Buffy “As for the visit al-Maliki to Iran, most Iraqis, whatever their sympathy with Iran because of the ongoing conflict in the Middle East, want to have the Iraqi decision issued by Baghdad and not from any other capital, and we hope to ask al-Maliki from Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Kuwait, the development of relations with them on the basis of mutual respect and non-interference in our internal affairs on the basis of the higher interests of the two countries, and to request from Iran during his visit to her release Iraqi prisoners who are still unaccounted for and do not know anything about them, and not to interfere in our business internal Iraqi, and it seems to me that America may not support Maliki enough to becoming prime minister for a third term, therefore we see has turned to Iran. ”

He said “the Iraqi politician who wants to take up any position to ask that of his people, if Astqoy any official foreigner becomes the adversary of the people will not be able to provide any service to his people, and indeed during the periods the last two have not been able Baghdad government from providing any services to the citizens, compared with the budget enormous, which is the largest in the history of Iraq. ”

He pointed out that “the most worthy members of the current government to resign and apologize to the people because they did not provide the services required of them, in light of the spread of financial and administrative corruption and deals that raised around a big debate, The deal Russian alone was enough to make the government resign, or perhaps a number of innocent civilians who are martyred in One day bombings in several parts of Baghdad and the provinces is sufficient reason for the resignation of the government. ”

It is hoped that the end of his current visit al-Maliki in Tehran after a two-day visit, will travel to Ankara to meet with Turkish officials and discussed with them the relations between the two countries, according to reports by well-informed sources. Ended