Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 12-5-13

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 12-5-13

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions/predictions12-5-2013 Newshound Guru Stryker Article: “Economist: the time is right to apply the delete three zeros currency” All signs continue to point to 2014, we wait to see it from the CBI but things are really looking great. Also, the Kurds, the Iraqi Federal Government and Turkey have agreed on Oil being transferred through the pipeline from Kurdistan to Turkey for sale to the rest of the world. A big step that shows that the countries politicians are starting to resolve their own issues without the US or UN support. Stability in politics is another great sign.

12-5-2013 Newshound Guru Millionday Iraq announced today that they are electronically connected with Asia, Europe, Us and the other many major economic Giants for all economic transactions… this is great news for the region and also understand that Iraq has stated they will have banks in all of the countries that were effected by arab spring…

12-5-2013 Newshound Guru Doc We really like the deadlines we are starting to see such as “The Iraqi government and the Kurdistan region approaching an agreement on the sharing of oil revenues” We think the recent discussions between the Kurds and Turkey may have lite the fire to renew Iraq’s focus to come to an agreement with the Kurds related to HCL. Whatever the reason we see this as a positive. We are also seeing reports where the HCL may get addressed by Parliament before the next session. However, these are just reports at this point but we see the renewed focus as very positive.

12-5-2013 Intel Guru TD What is actually holding this up? Unfinished business! That’s what! Almost weekly the CBI is putting out articles of it’s intention for 2014. Realistic timeframes are between Jan- March, 2014. Second, there are still a handful of laws needed revision & passing to finish and parliament is still on vacation. Word is that many members will be a no show as well the last two weeks of December. I don’t see any serious back to business until after New Years.

12-5-2013 Newshound Guru Kaperoni Report: “World Trade Organization News (WTO) Director-General’s 2013 Annual Report on Accessions” using a foreign currency such as the dollar to pay for goods may work temporally but the Iraqis wants their own currency. More importantly with value so they can prosper from the exchange rate. The last 10 or so years have been building a monetary policy that succeeds based on them having their own currency. Freedom of movement of capital (Article VIII) is significant because it not only provides a tradable currency, but it allows anyone doing business with or in Iraq to be able to get their profits out. Therefore, Iraq will move to IMF Article VIII soon to accomplish that.

12-5-2013 Newshound Guru Tlar I told you of loose lips from a member of the FC which started a fire storm of denials from the three organizations that will make the decision of the deletion of the zeros go date. The date that came out was early next year. The CBI had disclosed this to both the EC and the FC as part of a routine FYI. It was supposed to be confidential. One thing that also came out was that the CBI had plans to release the new currency, smalls coins and notes, and that this would coincide with the deletion of the zeros.

12-5-2013 Newshound Guru Tlar This cannot be a float, it is an event meaning that the smalls will have to have a significant value to warrant their release or their release is meaningless and these notes will not be acceptable. We know that the exchange rate has to change. They have repeatedly told us the zeros will come off the nominal rate. They have gone so far as to describe deleting the leading zeros and we know the exchange rate is the only place we find leading zeros.

12-5-2013 Newshound Guru Tlar They have told us the 2014 buget is figured at 1.16 dinars per USD as well as the budgets of 2015-16…deleting the zero term should not be confused with taking the three zeros notes out of circulation. I believe we are looking after the first of the year early in the 1st quarter, maybe in January. 2014 will usher in many changes for Iraq. We will see the rates come together and Iraq will have an international currency…

Guru Critic, I have not found one report or article stating that the budget is figured at $1.16.

12-5-2013 Intel Guru Delta On Iraqia TV, they are stating the WTO is waiting on Iraq to join, and the last obstacle to join is internationally traded currency.

12-4-2013 Intel Guru ScottiG [via kktwahoo] I have addressed the release of the 3 Billion bonds which Mr. Turki of the CBI received in Switzerland. I understand a banker there commented that you have to have a currency of value to sell these bonds. These bonds are a critical element to the country of Iraq and financing their currency adjustment. A couple of weeks ago I picked up from one of my financial sources that the Bonds must be released before the change in value of the Dinar. I can’t reveal any specifics of the source of what I am about to share, but leaders in the US financial world just met and addressed the Dinar issue and advised that the bonds must be released prior to the RV and that it is most likely that the change in value of the currency should be seen almost immediately.

12-4-2013 Intel Guru ScottiG In a recent meeting in DC with Maliki and Obama the subject was not as much about terrorism as it was about the war reparations which were laid out from the beginning of the US and allies involved in 2003. What the news did not reveal was that George Bush # 43 was also a part of those discussions. I understand that the pressure is on for the finalization of the change in value of the Dinar. It was only a couple of weeks later that Mr. Turki picked up the 300 Billion bonds.

12-4-2013 Intel Guru ScottiG I have one last bit of information that I believe points to a very positive position for those of us who are waiting for the change in Iraq. In a very recent meeting, the director of the WTO met with the Iraqi parliament and advised them that according to their assessment, Iraq was now 99% compliant with WTO expectations!!! I wonder what the 1% could be. This was relayed first hand so it’s authenticity is without question to me. I have numerous contacts with confirmations of some of the cards internally are valued at a rate of $3.44? I believe there is only one way that the value could be at $3.44 without an international RV and that is they are still using the USD as their form of pay.


12-4-2013 Newshound Guru Tlar Iran has been given three waivers as part of an over all deal made concerning parts of their release from some of the UNSC sanctions. IMO these waivers are important to our investment and I will tell you why in a minute. The waivers allow Iran to once again start selling their oil to 3 countries and for those three countries it says they are allowed to buy oil from Iran. Two of these countries are China and India which are both big markets.

12-4-2013 Newshound Guru Tlar Iran had to do a deal because they see the writing on the wall. Iraq is changing and in April Maliki will be gone. Maliki has allowed Iran to survive by turning a blind eye to Iran’s counterfeiting and dumping on Iraq. If Iran could not get the sanction off or at least reduced then they stood the risk of total economic collapse when Iraq changed to a non counterfeitable currency and Maliki being gone.

12-4-2013 Newshound Guru Tlar How is this related to our investment? If Iran starts to earn its own hard currency, the pressure they have exerted on Iraq’s currency should abate within a month, allowing the two rates, street and program rate to come back to equilibrium meaning within the regulation of Article VIII IMF requirements. It is at this time I believe we will see the change in the monetary structure in Iraq.

Pumper TNT Tony<–12-4-2013 SUPER PUMPER Guru TNT Tony

Everything is good. If you saw my message about Santa, I can’t tell you all, but unfortunately it was the wrong night. Santa started on the wrong night. He usually travels around the world in 24 hours. He is delivering, he just hasn’t gotten to you yet. The rates are live they have been live for over 24 hours. I personally feel it is 100% done and they could release it 5 minutes from now, 5 hours from now. I could tell you exactly what the rates are but they asked me not to. They are still good rates. They are over the $3.44 or .09 and other nonsense that is out there.

Guru Critic, I spoke with my BofA bank manager on 12-4-13 at about 3 pm PST concerning the dinar. They are still not dealing with the dinar and they do not show any rates or even the IQD/IQN symbol on their Foreign Currency Exchange screens, the rates are NOT live, again, they are NOT on their screens. You can’t have an “RV” with nothing being listed. Even if BofA decides not to participate in the “RV” exchange, they would still show what the rates are. If there is money to be made, you can bet that all the banks will participate when that time comes. Tony’s information is sheer nonsense.

12-4-2013 SUPER PUMPER Guru TNT Tony [Who is actually in charge?] At this moment there are co-authors of the plan. They are sharing the spot light, working together, the IMF and UST. [When do ou think we will see this on the CBI website?] After it is announced internationally which should be coming up some time soon. They told me not to give out any time line today. [Source] Mr. DC gave a 36 hour window, but that’s a really big window.

Guru Critic, Just more “secret” info that cannot be confirmed, but it has been debunked. No one in “DC” is going to risk their Government job to pass on info to some pumper guru, that is a fact, not to mention they might end up in prison for releasing classified information. One more observation, if this is the same “source” that has been feeding these pumper guru’s with the information they put out, we all know that this “source” knows nothing and has been stating the same wrong information for years. An intelligent person would have figured out long ago not to trust a “source” that has always been wrong, that’s a no brainer.

12-4-2013 Newshound Guru Adam Montana Parliament is being encouraged to deal with the HCL NOW, rather than next parliamentary session. Personally – I don’t know if it will be dealt with immediately, but the fact that they are pushing for it is GREAT for us! Also, it is looking VERY positive for the Kurd/Turkey deal, which is going to put even MORE pressure on the country to move things. All good stuff…unfortunately, in spite of that positive news, I can not give you an official RV announcement as of this minute.