A new scenario for the disappearance of Talabani speaks of “ery Clinic” in Berlin

A new scenario for the disappearance of Talabani speaks of “ery Clinic” in Berlin


A new scenario for the disappearance of Talabani speaks of ery Clinic in BerlinPalm – There are many scenarios in which I talked about the disappearance of President Jalal Talabani, or death, and this time it was the turn of the newspaper “Bass” Kurdish published news of the view that the President of the Republic, who lives in Germany for treatment, he was transferred to an unknown destination.

The newspaper quoted, for Kurdish source described Bmoabed saying that the floor Talabani, who lives in a hospital, “ery Clinic” in the German city of Berlin, was forbidden to visitors too, on Tuesday, but it became open to visitors now.

The source continued that the guards Talabani’s 9 people have left the hospital, leaving them effect, also left the Hotel Adlon where they were staying overnight.

He suddenly disappeared President Jalal Talabani and protect it, and when we asked where you went to him, declined to organizers of the hospital for providing us with any information.

In the meantime, media said Kurdish to drop two Russian planes secretly in Sulaimaniyah International Airport, were loaded with cargo did not know their content.

Conversely denied a member of the political bureau of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Rizgar Ali, who is currently in charge of the third branch of Union regulations in Arbil, the death of Talabani and transferred to an unknown location.

He said that the hospitals Rizgar Ali Germany to resemble actual hospital Rizgari Arbil in order to visit him from all he wants and walk around in it every afternoon to visit patients.

The officials of the Patriotic Union has confirmed the middle of last month that the health of President Talabani in continuous improvement and he reads the newspapers and watching TV, but do not respond to questions about his political future.

Talabani is suffering from years of health problems, and he underwent heart surgery in the United States in 2008, and then transferred to Jordan, and the impact of illness in 2009 to receive treatment.

President of the Republic and injured in the first quarter of this year, suffered a stroke and was taken to Germany to undergo treatment center at the hospital, “ery Clinic.”