Dinar-Gate Escalates

Dinar-Gate Escalates

Posted, 11-29-13,  Published, Sunday November 24, 2013

by Tom Heneghan, International Intelligence Expert

25K Iraqi dinar noteUNITED States of America – It can now be reported that the Iranian nuclear deal that was agreed on today between the international community and Iran has nothing to do with non-proliferation but everything to do about money and greed.

The announcement of the deal with Iran created immediate increase in the value of the Iranian rial.

Note: Congratulations to the Israeli Foreign Minister for bringing this out today on CNN.


This latest Ponzi Scheme dovetails to the Iraqi Dinar and Vietnamese dong Ponzi Scheme that involves stolen U.S. Treasury funds that took place post 2008 financial crisis during the later days of the Bush Administration in late 2008.

U.S. Treasury funds were laundered into the Central Bank of Baghdad and then, with the help of Wells Fargo, JPMorgan Chase and U.S. Citibank, illegally converted to Iraqi dinar.

The funds which sat in the Central Bank of Baghdad in Iraq have now been illegally laundered back into a Wells Fargo branch in Reno, Nevada.

Note: The Iranian rial and Iraqi dinar usually trade in tandem with each other.

At this hour IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde and U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew have ordered a full investigation and a freezing of all FOREX currency related accounts tied to Wells Fargo and Citibank reference Iraq and Iranian rial.

At this hour banks remain broke with massive bank asset deleveraging continuing.

The privately owned U.S. Federal Reserve (out of cash) is using illegal cross-collateralized derivatives (tied to the Iraqi dinar-Iranian rial ponzi scheme) as collateral to fund credit default swaps to continue to try to ‘bail out’ insolvent European banks, specifically German Deutsche Bank, Union Bank of Switzerland, and last but not least the Bank of England.

Reference: Last Friday Bank of England officials announced they have no plans whatsoever to raise interest rates. So much for Bloomberg News propaganda.

WARNING TO INVESTORS: Beware of the British pound, Swiss franc and euro currency bubble. All three currencies may soon be replaced by the Iraqi dinar-Iranian rial.