A military coup in the United States?

A military coup in the United States?


A military coup in the United StatesPalm – the degree of militarization, which reached the United States remember Empire Romania at the moment of collapse; It is no secret that the U.S. military budget exceeds the total military spending of all other countries of the world. It is well known that the U.S. manufacturing sector is dependent on the war, especially after the transfer of most of the American Civil commodity production to countries with cheap labor and low production costs.

Precisely for this reason the United States have to constantly fight wars; because the bombs and missiles which produced must explode, otherwise they quickly piling up in warehouses and «people will lose their jobs».

In 107 BC, the Roman general Gaius conducted Marius military reform began recruiting all citizens of non-property owners, and responded to the needs of the army recruits citizens who did not exceed 4 thousand Ace ownership, ie the poor.

The presence of a large number of poor citizens in Rome provided the opportunity for a significant increase in the census of the army. And equipped with military equipment such legions integrated and supported the fixed salaries of the public treasury. This reform has led to a change in the social structure of the Roman army and its nature: it has become a mass disadvantaged in society constitute the spine, and a shift from just a civilian militia to develop into a professional army of mercenaries. This permitted the use of the military in internal power struggle in Rome; since claimed the soldiers fighting for their leaders who pay their salaries. Thus began the era of civil wars.

Gaius Marius fought against Sulla, then fought a war with Julius Caesar, Pompey, and then fought against Octavius ​​Antonio. In the third century AD, the empire entered Romania in the chaos imposed by the incessant wars between «emperors soldiers».

In the United States, abolished conscription in 1973 after the rejection of a collective recruits to go to war in Vietnam, and replaced the place of conscription, the contracting system. With this shift the U.S. military to «contractual forces» and became consists of professionals. This solution is very similar to the reform of Gaius Marius.

Although the formation of the army be citizens of the United States and requires the use of large-scale authorization from Congress, the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan showed that the citizens of the United States to have a very negative attitude and sensitivity to losses even in the ranks of the army based on the contractual system.

This is the main reason behind the trend towards the use of private armies in the fighting alongside the U.S. military, and the advantage that the losses of human Does not matter does not trigger a response when one of the citizens of the United States.
in this regard, was «Blackwater» company which gained major between companies «armies» in America. Founded in 1997, the former officer in the U.S. Navy own Erik Prince, who is 27 years old, and the coach on the field of firearms Al Clark. Bdoaha security company specializes in providing support services and training military and law enforcement operations. With the passage of time, the company has become a real military security company private;, where she founded in 2002 the company «Blackwater» Security Consulting (BSC), which participated in the elements of the war in Afghanistan. And appeared «Blackwater» in Iraq immediately after the fall of the regime of Saddam Hussein (2003) as one of the 60 other security company, and has been engaged in training the Iraqi army and police of the new, as well as providing support to the U.S. occupation forces.

Mercenary armies
is no secret that wealthy people and companies in the United States do not skimp on spending large amounts of money on private security. The facts confirm that spending on private security in this country far exceeds the size of public spending on the regular police forces. Due to the rapid and substantial worsening in inequality and the erosion of the middle class in the United States, there is a wide gap now separates the elite upper and lower slides of the community. This is why the elite upper to establish and regulate private armies and security companies.

And pay at the same time Barack Obama to seek towards the abolition of the freedom of the sale of arms, meaning encourage ordinary citizens to disarm. However, the upper elite in the community when they began relying on mercenaries, began to get involved in the reliance on these particular. Here, at the moment of what we could see a military coup in the United States; since seizes power by force in the form of a dictator «Sola» or emperor-style «Julius Caesar». Based on this, there are realistic indicators; In November 2003, he went Gen. Tommy Franks, commander of the U.S. campaign against Baghdad, away when he predicted: «major terrorist attack last on the United States begins the fabric of our Constitution rupture», he says, in such circumstances, it would be willing to consider in this idea: «must serve the Constitution model military rule».

Industrial Complex America leads
the American Professor Chalmers Johnson (fought in Korea, and worked as a consultant for the CIA in the years 1967-1973), wrote in 2007, says: «I am convinced that George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, which left the country in serious trouble. However, this is not Znnbhma alone, and Azaanhma power will not solve the problem; crisis of governance in the United States dating back at least to World War II; since the inflation (imperial presidency) versus macular big in the legislative and judicial powers, has deep roots in the industrial complex the military in the post-war period; delivered when the majority of the community the conclusion that the army is the most important institution and the most effective among all public institutions have .. Today President runs the government in a way I have not had any absolute monarch; In possession of the Central Intelligence Agency and a private army is accountable to Congress and the press or the public; Every CIA secret what you do. And spending on armaments being stipulated in the largest possible number of budget items, so that any member of Congress was considering voting against the new armament system can be accused of that he wants to leave his constituents without work. I believe that to maintain our empire of Foreign Affairs and Overseas (737 military bases all over the world) require these resources and aspirations, which inevitably will put an end to our democracy, and ultimately lead to a military dictatorship or its civilian equivalent to ».

Coups in the U.S. Army
in this context, it is interesting to review the information published in the autumn of last year:
«in the first of October, and put the Obama administration all U.S. military bases in the country and abroad on alert; despite that there has been no terrorist threat to the United States . At the time, called the enemy b (Homeland), but its roots stretch far beyond the borders of America .. Today, the disqualification was Admiral Charles M.. Jaotah from his position in the leadership of one of the three groups of aircraft carriers in Bremerton, Washington, to appear before the inquiry. This decision was made ​​based on a conversation with the defense minister, who said at the end of the conversation that Jaotah was part of a group of military officers suspected of plotting to overthrow the Obama administration, if re-elected. This is not speculation. Dozens of officers sacked and hundreds of others under investigation and the investigation of links in this regard .. And all those directly linked to extremist elements in the Republican Party and the Israeli lobby. These reports came from the highest levels in the Pentagon. This indicates that the (administration) has been informed in advance of plans of this group.

Today we know that the primary keys in the army who have loyalty to (Israel) and (Wall Street) more than the United States; had planned a coup after the presidential election. In addition to the seizure of power, they put on the list of their steps, organizing terrorism comprehensive in the United States, and possibly the use of nuclear weapons stolen, and subjecting the country to the law (emergency state of war), and organizing an attack on Iraq and Iran, with the help of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states.

The plan was well-known; not only to the Ministry of Defense, but for all U.S. intelligence agencies; identifies the identity of those involved, and put on probation early. All information derived from more than one official source ».

Sergei Bravasodov