Chalabi: Obama said the owners’ interest Bashrkaúk “But you A? Syria and Iran

Chalabi: Obama said the owners’ interest Bashrkaúk “But you A? Syria and Iran

Created on Monday, November 25 2 /2013

Obama and MalikiBAGHDAD / Marwa Hussein

Detection Congress leader of the Iraqi National MP Ahmad Chalabi details new and exciting about the circumstances of the recent visit of Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to Washington and the sudden return to Baghdad the day before the deadline, and refused the American side bear the costs of accommodation and forcing the Iraqi delegation to pay bills hotel.

Chalabi said in an interview televised dialogue program introduced by one of the Iraqi satellite television Saturday evening when they are generous to describe Maliki’s visit to Washington, it is “successful and advised him it was wrong.” He added that Chalabi, al-Maliki asked the U.S. side to determine the date of the visit since late last summer and twice did not respond positively, but insisted upon. He pointed out that Maliki’s office contact Berat Makarig Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Iraq, which Congress rejected his candidacy for the post of U.S. ambassador to Iraq to take over the promotion of the visit, noting that the Office of the Vice President Joe Biden embraced mediation also through Tony Pellnkn a deputy national security adviser, now has been set for visit.

He revealed the leader of the Congress Party for the leaders of the Democratic and Republican parties involved in foreign policy and security in Congress have written a letter written to President Obama, published to coincide with the date of the visit have criticized the Iraqi government in its policy and its relationship with partners also criticized the deal the government with issues of sectarianism, Mini practicable “and the presence of severe criticism the performance of the political government in Iraq. ”

Chalabi added that according to the information that we received from the American side that Biden understand the Prime Minister during the first meeting that there was a catastrophic failure of the policy of security and services and the Iraqi economy and that U.S. support in the past and preference will not be present this time. The MP said the Iraqi officials and the Americans, al-Maliki described the meeting with the Congress was not as bad a very successful and there is no where understandings. He pointed out that one of the senators said, does not absorb from the other party to the problems that concern us in Iraq, in reference to al-Maliki.

He spoke the leader of the Congress party from meeting President Obama with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said, “that the meeting had been postponed schedule three hours and a half,” noting that the U.S. side told the team Maliki said only one person was allowed to enter with Prime Minister Vtm choose Ali al-Moussawi to enter with him, and pointed out that the meeting took just 17 minutes.

He added, Chalabi said Obama told al-Maliki at the beginning of the meeting Mansh “good relationship with your partners in the government,” was the answer Maliki, “I can help you Pmaatalq Syria and Iran”, to repeat President George replies: “cared Baalaqatk with your partners,” to end the meeting and out-Maliki Mmteda not accompanied Obama to the door of the room.

Chalabi said that the prime minister asked to return to Iraq immediately Vtm cancel a meeting with Iraqi expatriates there, noting that the team accompanying the owners were surprised by demanding the payment of wages to stay in the hotel, where were told the hotel management they were “guests” White House, but the U.S. side replied by saying: “We are not so whistleblowers” to be paid the account and leave the hotel to return to Baghdad.