Iraq to fulfill all its obligations with Kuwait by the end of 2015

Iraq to fulfill all its obligations with Kuwait by the end of 2015

21 Nov 2013

Iraqi DinarHoshyar Zebari, the foreign minister of Iraq, stated that Iraq will fulfill all the international obligations that the country has especially towards Kuwait in 2015. He also added that the outstanding issues between Kuwait and Iraq have been processed through cooperation and mutual trust.
Conversing with the reporters of local media and press on the sidelines of Iraq’s participation in the third Arab-African summit, which is anticipated to be held in Iraq, Mr. Zebari also said, “The two countries, with the availability of will and good faith, were able to address all the outstanding issues, particularly with regard of the obligations for the issue of prisoners and missing persons, compensation and border, through joint committees that came with understandings and memorandums as well as agreements deposited in the UN.”

About signing agreement on a joint management in Khawr Abd Allah, he described this agreement as an important achievement, which achieved between the two countries in addition to the land border demarcation, noting that getting Iraq from the provisions of Chapter VII to Chapter VI is an important step in the process of cooperation between the two countries.

He stressed on the point that Iraq is serious on resolving the outstanding issues with Kuwait. However, he further remarked that it is not the interest of Iraq to cover up anything, especially with regard to prisoners of war and the Kuwaiti National Archives.
According to Zebari, the upcoming Arab-African Summit can be defined as: “development and economic summit, and it should come up with significant agreements for the serious work and genuine partnership between Arab and African countries,” expressing Iraq’s desire to cooperate with these countries, which are historical and geographical extension to the Arab countries.

He also added in his statement, “Iraq has diplomatic representation and distinct activity in Africa”, praising the Kuwait’s embracing and its commitment that the summit be held after 3 years as scheduled at the Sirte Summit in 2010, despite the difficult circumstances experienced by the Arab nation.”

He concluded his statement by remarking that “the need that the Arab nation should take notice to the risk of food shortages. And the solution for securing food is in cooperation with African countries, which is considered the real food basket for the world,” noting: “Israel is pervasive in Africa and has large projects in agriculture and investment.”