Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 11-19-13

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 11-19-13

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions/predictions11-19-2013 Newshound Guru Doc A second article is quoted as “”We expect that the first issuance will be in the value of 3 billion Iraqi dinars ($2.58 million),” said Abdul-Basit Turki Saeed.” This is referring to the issuance of domestic bonds in dinar. We will not dwell on the importance of this in that it is necessary monetary tool for interest rates and moves Iraq a little ways away from USD dependency. Our opinion is this is the initial test case. 3 billion dinar represents less than 0.01% of the money supply. With that it will take some time for the bond program to have a substantial impact on monetary controls. However, if the initial launch is successful it could become a significant factor fairly quickly. We see this as another piece of the infrastructure that will support a stable healthy currency in the long term.

11-19-2013 Newshound Guru Doc The sixty four dollar question is will it truly take 4 years. The short answer is no one can be absolutely certain. Our opinion continues as previously which is the infrastructure needs to be in place before we see any appreciable movement. We would like to see HCl passed as another key piece of that puzzle. We are seeing movement toward that end but can not absolutely say for certain when that might be. With that we counsel all to sit back and relax. All good things come to those who wait. We report, you decide.

11-19-2013 Intel Guru Poppy3 the rate will be $ 3.42 or more…got a good call…from a well located insider and he again told me they are closing in on making the rate change and talk is that it will show very soon. he said no one is saying when but many have quoted the above as what the rate is projected to be.

11-19-2013 SUPER PUMPER Guru Mnt Goat It is upon us. It is here. All news is exceptionally good and the process is on target for exchanges in USA to begin in the next couple days, if not tomorrow. As most should now know the final revaluation did occur in Iraq yesterday and at a rate of $3.44. Many have been asking me why do we have to wait for the rate of the IQD in Iraq to reach $3.87 prior to rates in USA being activated…

11-19-2013 SUPER PUMPER Guru Mnt Goat So if you remember all the negotiations going on since April of this year you can see how the $3.87 was probably a base rate for the IQD used as the foundation for the revaluation or devaluation of the other 190+ currencies in the GCR. If this is the case, and I am being told it is, then it would make sense to wait until it reaches that rate prior to kicking off the GCR. Be patient, relax and we will be at the banks very soon.

Guru Critic, Super Pumper Mtn Goat is ignorant. NO revaluation occurred in Iraq, that is sheer fantasy. It is proven to be wrong by a multitude of articles and statements. Once again they are delaying the removal of the 3 zero’s as I suspected they would. One day these jokers give rates of $36+, then the next day they go back to $3+. These pumper guru’s know nothing, they just keep putting out a bunch of made up rumors. Once again, the IQD is NOT used in any calculation of 190+ currencies as there are not even that many currencies on the globe. There is NO, and will be NO Global Currency Reset. That is fact.

11-18-2013 Newshound Guru Tlar The CBI all along when discussing the deletion of the zeros has stated that both currencies would be in circulation for an expected two years. By this they meant that to pass out the new currency and collect the old currency would take by their estimates about two years. If they float the currency at 1166 there would be no people removing their hidden currency from under the mattresses …which means there would be no rush to the banks in Iraq, no infusion of capital for to the banks and no visible amount of new accounts being opened. All of these were said by Shabibi to be benefits they had hoped to achieve.

11-18-2013 Newshound Guru Tlar Most important, Shabibi had decided early in the year in 2010 to pull the trigger by the end of 2010. This was before all these laws were on the books. The reasons behind why Shabibi switched to a float are up to debate. The reasons why Shabibi did not pull the trigger on the few occasions that we all thought he was going to do it, are also up for debate. The fact remains…he had intended to do it before the last Article IV consultations and before the laws we put so much importance on today. I think they are ready. I think that they will do this as they have planned it for the last six years as an RV.

11-19-2013 Intel Guru Hub [do you subscribe to us (you and me) having access to double digits?] i think what they are saying makes perfect sense…with pres bush stating iraq will pay for the war long before most of us knew how and with the $32.50 oil contract and $100 going rate for oil, and all the big bank players wanting to get this currency, and…i believe most of what tony brings, so answer is i certainly would not be mad if it did. i dont think you will have to hold your breath much longer…iraq has gone about as far as they can go with out any money.

11-18-2013 PUMPER Guru Wife in the Know I just have been informed that the RV for this week is still very much on track. High level political officials in Iraq said they cannot afford to wait any longer if they are to capitalize on the situation. (political posturing) There is a growing concern that if the current administration does not show their true asset backed currency rate and continue to operate at the artificial rate, it will weaken their position and give opportunity for another candidate to claim inadequacy. The people of Iraq are very excited for they have been waiting for this moment for a long time.

11-18-2013 SUPER PUMPER Guru Loechin …as you all are aware of the rate is $3.44 in Iraq and what a party is going on there right now. The lower denoms are out and being used as we speak. We are waiting as the process is now OVER yes I did say OVER for one more thing. The rate is going to raise to $3.87 in Iraq then the 800’s are coming out and we go to the Bank. We are expecting this to happen sometime tonight and I’m excited. As soon as the 800’s are released call the bank and make your appointment ASAP. The rates are now $38.67 and should stay right there for you to exchange.

Guru Critic, Again the rate in Iraq is still 1166 to $1. The “new lower denoms” are not being used, that’s total BS. If he is referring to the existing lower denoms, they have been used for years now. #1 50 dinar note is worth about .05 cents in Iraq, they use them as “change” like we use coins here in the US.

11-18-2013 Newshound Guru Doc The landscape continues fairly quite with reports of progress as slow as it may seem. The were a couple of articles worth mentioning, however. The first maybe recycled from a few months ago but appears fairly recent. It is quoted as “predicted MP Mahmh Khalil to go up the value of the national currency accumulated balance of the sovereign so that the Iraqi dinar equivalent to the U.S. dollar within the next four years (where Iraq plans to increase its oil production to 8 million barrels per day by the year 1917, also said a member of the Economic Committee of Parliament.”

11-18-2013 Newshound Guru Doc Obviously 1917 should read 2017 but what has been missed by most is the principle being outlined here. Basically we see this as saying as the currency accumulates value (economy), the value of the IQD will rise against the USD. In fact it predicts that when the output reached 8 million barrels per day of oil the value of the IQD will be equal to the USD. The key here is the principle of the value rising as the economic output of Iraq rises. Also keep in mind that the prediction here is to almost triple their output in 3-4 years. No small feat but doable.

11-18-2013 Newshound Guru Doc We conclude from this that the “people in the know” in Iraq are not looking for a immediate RV but an increase in value over time ie float. This is also supported by private sources. We do not, however, rule out a small step increase, followed by a float regime. What we disagree with is the suggestions that there will be a large $3+ or $30+ RV. The body of public and private information does not support this. What concerns us most is interference with the CBI by the GOI. The article went on to point this out as a threat to monetary reform. This is evident by other article saying the GOI is trying to tap into the currency reserves of the CBI.

11-18-2013 SUPER PUMPER Guru TNT Tony Christine Lagarde stayed in Iraq until it was done, then everybody left and we are still waiting. I mentioned last week that the problem was different rates on different peoples cards and it wasn’t in system properly. Everybody has now been adjusted to the 3.44 rate. It has been verified, over and over again that the rate in Iraq is $3.44 on all cards. All of the prices have been changed over there to show rate of $3.44. That rate doesn’t mean anything to us other that we know it’s done, complete over there.

Guru Critic, More “made up intel” from this pumper.

11-18-2013 SUPER PUMPER Guru TNT Tony The bank people have been called in this morning. They were told they will be busy. We were told it will be sometime today, tonight. I’m now hearing it could go late into the night. The 800’s are out but we just don’t have them yet. It’s coming. We are the final step. Don’t expect it to show on CBI. You will probably hear about it and go to bank before you see CBI change.

Guru Critic, BS, it will show on the CBI website first and they will not continue auctions at 1166 to $1, if the rate has gone up. They are not going to RV the dinar just because some pumper in the US says they should or have.

11-18-2013 SUPER PUMPER Guru TNT Tony The rates have moved up – still double-digits – over $38!! The VNN rate today is $10. The Rupiah is still $1.08 and ZIM is $.22. I just got text, UST message, the rate is 3.44 in iraq and they are waiting for the rate to hit 3.87 before they authorize it. I have no idea what will make it go to 3.87 or the time frame for it. I’m as excited as you are today. It’s the 1st time in three years I’m actually a little nervous.

Guru Critic, the only possible thing that may show rates going up is Tony’s crystal ball. Some of these Super Pumpers make me sick, it destroys the credibility of all dinar speculators including some very honest guru’s too that base their opinions on fact and are educated on this subject. It makes us all look bad and I wish that they would stop reporting such nonsense.

11-18-2013 SUPER PUMPER Guru TNT Tony UPDATE: Just got word that the rate of $3.44 in Iraq should reach the rate of $3.87 by later today or tomorrow. That is straight from the 3 letter agency. Enjoy your day, the RV is coming to you.The reason we have to wait for it to reach this level is very simple. That’s the numbers that are in the system to make all of the countries come out to the rates that were agreed upon.

Guru Critic, Does anyone else find it ironic that there are only 3-4 guru’s in their little “clic” stating the same thing?

11-18-2013 PUMPER Guru Okie_Oil_Man Although we were put on alert last night for the receipt of the 800 numbers–they never were furnished with no explanation of ( “why not?). Today once again i am told to expect the “release at anytime” (heard that one before)–this time is different as we should learn today the when factor that is all we are interested in at this time.

11-18-2013 PUMPER Guru Okie_Oil_Man I will keep you informed as best i can as to what intel (should have said information because that word intel makes a liar out of me). As of now my confidence is very high and prayerful this is near conclusion. I am on the alert for all our benefit and will report as i become aware of any changes.

11-18-2013 Intel Guru TNT Tony It is going to be a SUPERFANTASTIC DAY. I hope you have some clean underwear because you will need them before this day is through. We have the new rates and the new date. Life just keeps getting better for all of us (even if we don’t know it).