Saudi Arabia to cooperate with Israel to strike Iran

Saudi Arabia to cooperate with Israel to strike Iran

16:22 17/11/2013

Saudi Arabia to cooperate with Israel to strike IranFollow-up – and babysit –
The newspaper “Sunday Times” British “that the Israeli Mossad is working in collaboration with Saudi officials in planning for a possible attack on Iran in case it is not rein in its nuclear program significantly in the agreement may be reached this week in Geneva,” as she put it.

According to the newspaper, “Israel and Saudi Arabia are convinced that international talks on putting an end to Iran’s military nuclear program will reach the calm and do what is almost negligible to slow Iran’s progress toward getting nuclear warheads.”

She continued, “The Sunday Times” that in the framework of increasing cooperation between them, the Riyadh already gave the green light for Israeli planes to use its airspace in the event of an attack on Iran, “adding that” both sides are ready today to go much further. ”

The newspaper quoted a diplomatic source that “as soon as the signing of the Geneva Accord will return the military option to the table. Saudis are angry and they are going to make all the assistance needed by Israel,” adding that “the cooperation of Saudi Arabia in the field of aircraft rescue and unmanned aircraft will help to a large extent any Israeli raid.”

The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a newspaper interview that “Israel and some Gulf countries speak with one voice on Iran.”

Newspaper “Sunday Times” was published a report last month revealed that “Israeli warplanes conducted maneuvers to long-range aerial bombardment through Greek airspace to say that Israel is prepared to go it alone in the option strike Iran’s nuclear facilities if forced to it.”

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