Politicians: China enter the stage of political influence in Iraq

Politicians: China enter the stage of political influence in Iraq

Created on Saturday, November 16  2013 07:53

China enter the stage of political influence in IraqBaghdad / Orr News

Senior political sources revealed that China has recently entered the on-line drafting of the political equation in a calm, confidential and will provide technical support and financial and logistical support to the three political blocs to contest the next parliamentary elections.

The sources indicated that “China is seeking to strengthen its influence in Iraq after he secured the ability to connect pieces of the Iraqi market بصناعتها and production, as well as a strong presence in the infrastructure service government.” And noted that “Beijing is planning to manufacture arms in Iraqi politics,” emphasizing that “China will support three blocks, one Shia, the other Sunni, and the third Kurdish, and most likely are the forces of political opposition joined by new groups did not burn leaves after the Holocaust Iraqi politics.” and China is seeking now to buy 850 thousand barrels per day of Iraqi oil, which equivalent to 30% of the country’s oil exports projected for 2014. This will allow buy PetroChina is expected to share of 25% in the project oil field West Qurna-1 Exxon Mobil to exceed the largest energy company tray Russia’s Lukoil to become the largest foreign investor individually in the Iraqi oil sector. Involved PetroChina already me. BP in Rumaila largest field oil producer in Iraq and operates the fields of Halfaya and Humpback. It was the first foreign company to sign an oil service contract in Iraq after the US-led invasion that toppled Saddam Hussein. The Chinese companies are able to thanks to the availability of financial liquidity and flexibility to work in the face of escalating violence in Iraq to achieve rapid increases in production better than Western companies.