Close to Maliki questioned the document, which revealed “trillions”

Close to Maliki questioned the document, which revealed “trillions” the Council of Ministers and deputies promise secrecy the presidencies expenses “scandal”

11.11.2013 17:15

Close to Maliki questioned the document which revealed trillionsRange Press / Baghdad
Counting a leading role in a coalition of state law, led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, on Sunday, that the document published in the social networking sites (FB) on the expenses of the Council of Ministers, within the framework of the “lies and falsification and exaggeration,” likely to include those amounts salaries range of those associated with the Office of the Prime Minister, and when he saw a member of the Committee on Parliamentary Integrity, to conceal the expenses of those presidential involves a “fear of scandal exploit those amounts astronomical parties and personalities of the ruling of the richness and exploitation sector”, it was considered a leading list of Iraq that “everything is possible in Iraq. ”
Some social networking sites (Facebook) showed today, a book reveals details of the expenses of the Council of Ministers in 2013 the current, shows that the total expenses of the Council reached, three trillion and 322 billion, and 698 million dinars, distributed according to the table on the secretariat of the prime minister, 2.85 %, at $ 94 billion and 743 million Iraqi dinars, among the table that the budget allocated for prime minister stood at 27.20%, at $ 903 billion, and 701 million Iraqi dinars.
Military: Many deliberately lying and fraud in the election season
Says the leader of the coalition of state law, Sami al-Askari, said in an interview to (range Press), “The election season that we are witnessing now witnessing unfortunately a lot of who deliberately lying, forging documents and exaggeration”, calling for the need to “check the details before judging such a position , because those amounts could include the salaries of Awakening and support councils and perhaps intelligence and so on. ”
Asks the military, which is close to the prime minister, Nuri al-Maliki, “How is the state budget if those allocated to the Prime Minister’s Office (Presidency of the Council according to the document), more than 3 trillion dinars,” stressing the importance of “careful and cautious at the mention of numbers Because some public addresses hide with it addresses the most important. ”
He continues, MP for the coalition of state law, “What do you mean the offices of the Council of Ministers, Does it mean the Office of the Prime Minister only, or other entities associated with him, from Awakening and support councils and other devices,” pointing out that “the budget detail discussed within the House of Representatives, and it is logical that passes Maliki’s opponents, who are the majority, such as those astronomical numbers. ”
Saadi: no justification to cover on the presidencies allocations but scandal
Says a member of the Committee on Parliamentary Integrity, Sabah al-Saadi, said in an interview to (range Press), “The documents submitted can not be questioned them because they are tables from within the state budget,” returned to the “actors skeptical that the documents show refute what was published.”
And wondering Saadi, “Why are discreetly expenses entities presidential and not shown to the public opinion”, believing that “there is no justification hide such documents, but the fear of scandal customizations huge exploited by parties and personalities of the ruling of the richness and exploitation private at the expense of the state and the citizen.”
In the opinion of a member of the Committee of the Parliamentary Integrity, that “the allegations about the existence of intent to determine how the political and use the electoral those documents, reflecting the look corrupt and losers of others,” and wondered again, “Do you want to be silent about such scandals large, especially that of the right of any person to use all available means to reveal the facts to the citizens in order to ensure not to deceive such those corrupt or losers again. ”
The al-Saadi, that “accusations Baltsagat and mistrust, and the other is already ready with the referees today, in both national and Sharif contributes to disclose documents corruption in Iraq.”
It is noteworthy that the Integrity Commission, announced in (the fourth of February 2013), on the transfer of about six thousand accused of corruption to the competent courts in the past in 2012, indicating that the amount of transactions that took place where corrupt practices exceeded the trillion dinars.
The phenomenon of corruption, “the biggest challenge” facing Iraq, as well as security, since 2003, especially since the levels of corruption reached a leading international organizations specialized to the situation in Iraq is among the countries “most corrupt” in the world, solving Iraq in 2012 years ranked third in terms of the level of corruption
Mutlaq: No one knows where the disposal of state funds
It says MP for the Iraqi List, Hamid al-Mutlaq, said in an interview to the (Presse term), said that “everything is possible in Iraq, including the amount that the contents of the documents published,” adding that “Iraq distracted budget of over 140 billion dinars Over the past ten years, the ration card does not provide for his family, but not even the minimum services, and no one knows where the disposal of these funds. ”
He continues, al-Mutlaq, “away from the miscarriage make some political peg, the Iraqi people want the government to provide him the ration card items and services as it was in the time of the siege, when the state does not have the part of the current budgets.”
The Ministry of Finance of Iraq, in (the 19 of October 2013), to complete the budget for Iraq in 2014 next, while showed that it was of 174 trillion dinars, a deficit of up to 27 trillion, confirmed the formation of a committee within the Council of Ministers to override the observations recorded them, and expressed hope that the adoption of the Parliament of the budget before the end of the current year 2013 to implement the project as soon as possible.
The current budget year 2013, amounted to 138 trillion Iraqi dinars, on the basis of calculating the price of a barrel of oil at $ 90, the amount of export of two million and 900 thousand barrels per day.
The Commission also stressed the financial parliamentary, in (X of October 2013), that the spending ministries and government agencies and independent bodies and the provinces of the annual budget for 2012 past, it was low, at only half the amounts, usually this would lead to the difficulty of the adoption of the federal budget for the year 2014 Next, in light of concerns about the possibility of “exploitation” for the purposes of propaganda makes them “par excellence electoral”.