Talabani: MLM for death!

Talabani: MLM for death!

Created on Monday, 04 November / 2 November 2013 11:32

Talabani-MLM for deathBaghdad / Orr News

Senior political sources revealed that silence from the absence of President Jalal Talabani and mystery surrounding the fate of health, amid speculation of his death, stands behind political purposes, including to keep his party (PUK) in the circle of influence.

The sources said that “keep the vacant position of President of the Republic is a violation of the constitution and significant legal, constitution does not allow the absence of the president for more than a month, and the absence of Talabani so far lasted 10 months.” It showed that “to retain the presidency vacant stands behind much political purposes, notably to keep the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, in the circle of influence, under anonymity fate of health Talabani, who confirmed sources close to him that he had died long ago.”

The sources noted that “obscuring the fact that Talabani’s health or death, is essential not to show it to the public and public disclosure of news.” She stressed that “more importantly, the benefits of the job and privileges which are a key source of income for Talabani’s party, which suffers from significant problems in recent times, especially after he shook his position in the recent Kurdish elections”.