The text of the joint Iraqi-US Alaaan for Maliki’s visit to Washington and his talks

The text of the joint Iraqi-US Alaaan for Maliki’s visit to Washington and his talks

Saturday, November 02, 2 / November 2013 18:00

The text of the joint Iraqi-US Alaaan for Maliki visit to Washington and his talks[Baghdad – where]

Sderfa Baghdad and Washington on a joint statement between the Republic of Iraq and the United States at the end of the visit by Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki to the United States of America

Maliki’s office distributed the text of the statement, describing Maliki’s visit as “important and successful,” and that al-Maliki During the visit, he held in-depth talks with U.S. President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden and a number of officials Americans / by office of

In the following text of the statement received by all of Iraq [where] the Office of the Prime Minister.

Joint final statement for a state visit Reyes minister to the United States

In their meeting yesterday at the White House, restored President Obama and Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki’s emphasis on the strategic partnership between the United States and the Republic of Iraq, and pledged to advance concerns common to support stability, security and prosperity in Iraq and the Middle East, and also discussed their shared commitment to strengthen cooperation under the agreement the strategic framework.

The two leaders pointed to the passage of nearly two years on the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq completely, and the entry of the United States and Iraq, a new stage in their relationship, which is based on mutual respect and shared commitment to building a strategic partnership between two sovereign states. And remember the two leaders thousands of Americans and Iraqis who sacrificed their lives in our common fight against terrorism and extremism in Iraq, and renewed by President Obama and Prime Minister Maliki’s determination to honor the memory and sacrifice of those who were killed by strengthening our strategic partnership joint long-term in the areas covered by the agreement of the strategic framework, including the the areas of security, diplomacy and trade, education, energy, culture, science and justice.

After meeting President Obama with Prime Minister Maliki, Vice President Biden and Prime Minister Maliki’s meeting of the Higher Coordinating Committee, and this is the fourth meeting of the committee since its inception in 2008 under the Strategic Framework Agreement ..

Regional Integration

The two delegations discussed the American and Iraqi situation in Iraq as an emerging democratic country in the region, and a major energy producer, and as a represent customary versatile and religiously and ethnically. The Iraqi delegation reviewed the challenges facing Iraq because of its geography and the legacy of the previous regime after decades of wars and international isolation. In this regard, the two delegations welcomed the full restoration of relations between Iraq and Kuwait, and the expansion of relations with Jordan in the fields of energy, trade and security, and improving relations with Turkey. The two delegations also welcomed the continued exchange of high-level visits with Turkey, as well as the strategic dialogue to be held later this month between Iraq and the United States and other partners in the region, with a focus on supporting the moderates and isolate the extremists in the region

Iraqi delegation said that with the presence of seventeen Arab embassy open in Baghdad, the Government of Iraq has recently renewed its call for other Arab countries to open embassies as soon as possible. The United States praised in this regard with the participation of Iraqi security forces in joint exercises with regional partners during the past six months, including training “Lion Almtahb” in Jordan, and Naval Surface Warfare exercises and mine counter-measures in Bahrain. The United States pledged constantly coordinated diplomatic in these and other areas under the strategic framework agreement.

Combat groups affiliated to Al-Qaeda

Share Rated delegations to groups that threaten Iraq and affiliated with al Qaeda, with a particular focus on the group Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant.

The Iraqi delegation to develop a comprehensive strategy to isolate the group Islamic State in Iraq, Syria and other extremist groups through security measures and coordinated economic and political. These include strategic security operations are coordinated with local officials, and renewed efforts to empower local security structures, such as the Sons of Iraq, to ​​reduce the infiltration of extremists. The two sides stressed the urgent need for the Iraqi forces to the additional equipment for the implementation of the ongoing operations in remote areas where there are terrorist camps. The Iraqi delegation underlined his desire to buy American equipment as a means to strengthen the long-term institutional relations with the United States. He stressed his commitment to ensuring strict compliance with U.S. laws and regulations relating to the use of this equipment.

Both delegations addition, the need for strong political awareness as a means to isolate the group Islamic State in Iraq, Syria and defeat she and other terrorist networks. The delegations welcomed the National Charter for social peace, which was signed last month by political and religious leaders from all over Iraq. The delegations welcomed the invitations to reject sectarian violence and incitement, and the two delegations discussed the important role of religious leaders as a force for moderation in the region

The two delegations also pointed to the decision recently issued by the Iraqi Council of Representatives, which reported that the national elections will be held no later than April 30 / April 2014. The Iraqi delegation underlined its commitment to the holding of these elections on schedule, and the two delegations stressed the importance of the Iraqi government’s determination to hold the elections on schedule and support for the Electoral Commission to ensure good preparation for the elections. The United States has offered to provide technical support in full coordination with the Government of Iraq and the United Nations. .


Repeat the American and Iraqi delegations stressed the importance of the future development of the energy sector and economic growth in Iraq, so that all Iraqis can share equally in Iraq’s resources, as well as reaffirmed the valuable role played by Iraq in providing a steady flow of energy resources to world markets. He reviewed the Iraqi side in this regard, the development plan of the new Iraqi stretching for five years and worth 357 billion dollars and seeing the long-term regarding the development of infrastructure strategy provides flexibility in energy systems and new business opportunities with multiple ways to export oil through the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. The delegations welcomed the opportunity to expand cooperation in the field of energy, including taking steps to advance these projects, and that at the next meeting of the Joint Coordinating Committee on Energy in early 2014.


Iraqi delegation confirmed its support for the Geneva process 2 and efforts to reach a diplomatic settlement of the conflict in Syria. The United States noted the important role that could be played by Iraq to help create favorable conditions to reach a peaceful political settlement. The delegation expressed growing concern about weapons coming into Iraq from Syria to use against the Iraqi people, stressing the need to take further measures to control Iraq’s borders and airspace against crossing arms or goods which are prohibited by UN Security Council resolutions in force, and called on all neighboring countries to cooperate fully.


Iraqi delegation stressed his desire to use the American private sector to promote mutual interests in Iraq and the United States. The two delegations to the signing earlier this year framework agreement for trade and investment, which will help increase U.S. exports to Iraq and provide more economic opportunities for the Iraqi people. The delegations welcomed the steady increase in the number of American companies that do business in Iraq, including major companies such as Citibank, Ford, General Electric and Boeing. The Iraqi delegation expressed the hope that American businesses that play a prominent role in the rehabilitation of the sectors of energy, transport, banking and health services is rapidly growing in Iraq. The aspiration of the two delegations, in this regard, to the mutual business events to be held during the coming months.

Educational programs and exchange programs

Iraqi delegation discussed his vision for the strengthening of Iraq through educational programs and exchange programs for young generation. The members of the delegation said that 25 percent of Iraq’s population – about 8 million Iraqis – were born after 2003, and that the Government of Iraq is determined to give this generation educational opportunities inside and outside Iraq, including the American universities and colleges. The two delegations agreed that the best way to honor the تضحياتهما common over the past decade have by giving these young Iraqis unprecedented opportunities for other generations to enjoy. He said the U.S. delegation that under the agreement the strategic framework and educational programs that have been developed through coordination committees bilateral joint number of Iraqi students studying in the United States to nearly 1,000 students, and to show the university, which was held last month in Baghdad has attracted 30 American League and 2000 students Iraqis who have scholarships.


Delegations meeting concluded a joint commitment to increase the number of Iraqis who are studying in the United States, as well as other institutional strengthening relations that exceed government relations, to include exchanges in the fields of culture, art and science. Both sides remember once again the sacrifices that have made this progress possible, while recognizing the very serious challenges that must be faced together. Ended