Parliament: Budget 2014 will not recognize before next April

Parliament: Budget 2014 will not recognize before next April

Created on Friday, 01 Novemberber / 2 November 2013 13:55

Parliament-Budget 2014 will not recognize before next AprilBAGHDAD / Mohammed supporter

Parliamentary Finance Committee is expected late adoption of the budget 2014 to next April because of political differences and expected to spend a year 2014 without investment. Committee member said Abdul-Hussein al-Yasiri that the budget of 2014 is still in the Council of Ministers for discussion and then sent to the Finance Committee to hold parliamentary amendments and submit them to a vote.

He pointed out that the Council of Ministers in which representatives of all the political blocs are supposed to reach parliament free from disputes and approved by the Board during the period of record is short. Explained that even if sent to the House of Representatives amid differences that is repeated every year on certain points Sttatl in the Council without acknowledgment. He predicted that recognizes the 2014 budget at the beginning of next April to hold political blocs Bouklavha the center of fruitless talks repeating scenarios each year.

He reported that the House of Representatives is on the verge of a legislative holiday for a whole month and remakes its meeting in January to discuss the month is not enough to discuss the Finance Committee and the differences of political blocs will pay out to April 2014. He added that in the event of approval in April to be paid upon the expiry of one-third in 2014 without the investment and the rest of the year between the budget and the exchange announcement tenders and المفاتحة and assignment expires next year without investment.

He explained that the full year are disrupted and the state acted only the salaries of operating without any investment or progress in the country despite the fact that the budget provision of 40% of investment and 60% operational, pointing out that the budget of 2014 based 94% of the oil exports and an estimated “174” trillion Iraqi dinars likely that Parliament reduce it and containing “172” thousand degrees and careers.