Congress was not convinced of al-Maliki’s plans and insists refused to supply Iraq with modern weapons

Congress was not convinced of al-Maliki’s plans and insists refused to supply Iraq with modern weapons

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Congress was not convinced of al-Malikis plans and insists refused to supply Iraq with modern weaponsWASHINGTON / Agencies

The failure of Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to persuade the U.S. Congress to compromise to ensure the continuation of military aid to Iraq, compared with a political plan to open up to the Sunnis and Kurds, to meet the demands of the U.S. House of Representatives, some of them have confirmed that al-Maliki did not dispel their concerns.

Maliki met Wednesday night – Thursday, Vice Foreign Relations committees in Congress and the parties discussed the political and security developments in Baghdad and the issue of military aid, notably aircraft “Apache”. Republican Sen. Bob Crocker told “Reuters” said the prime minister “did not understand our concern on what is happening there is what made the meeting is fruitful.”

Face Democratic Rep. Eliot Angle, who met with the Iraqi delegation criticism similar to al-Maliki, adding that “after all the blood that we have made and money which Ogdguenah on Iraq, Iranian influence has become greater than the influence of the United States” in this country. He pointed out that al-Maliki reiterated during the meeting of Congress that “Iraq is democracy if it is not perfect.” It was expected to meet with al-Maliki Hagel yesterday waiting for a meeting with Obama in the White House today. The U.S. administration expressed its willingness to further intelligence cooperation to fight “al-Qaeda” but did not undertake to provide military aid, especially that Congress connects Maliki openness to Sunnis and Kurds.

The al-Maliki, said that some members of Congress are affected by media campaigns anti-Iraq. In response to a letter addressed by a number of members of Congress to Obama Ahoudouna to link military aid political actions taken by al-Maliki, the statement quoted the office of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, Biden saying that this “letter regarding disagreements American – American.”

Maliki was pre-empted his visit to Washington with an article in the newspaper “New York Times” stated that Iraq did not possess “one fighter plane.” He pointed to fears of chemical weapons falling into the hands of terrorists. Download the article entitled “Be patient we”, in reference to criticism that preceded his visit.

He wrote: “Imagine how it can be the reaction of Americans if the terrorist organization began to operate within their lands and killing dozens and maiming hundreds every week. This is not a hypothetical question for the Iraqis, because al-Qaeda in Iraq, who joined it, practicing already a terror campaign against our people,” .

He added: “These terrorists are not the enemies of Iraq alone, but are the enemies of America, too. For this reason, I intend to propose to President Obama to work to deepen security relations between our two countries to fight terrorism and address the causes of security concerns broader regional, including the conflict in Syria and the threat could be posed by the proliferation of nuclear weapons, chemical and biological weapons in the region. ” He added that “Iraq is in fact the case does not have a single fighter plane protects the skies.”

In the Syrian crisis, al-Maliki wrote that the “war in this country has become a pole attract attracts sectarian extremists and terrorists from various corners of the earth and Ahacdhm nearby then do not يلبثون to infiltrate soft across our borders.” He added: “at a time when the world sees that Syria is a human tragedy we see where we are also a direct threat to the security of our country.”