In contrast to the information .. McCain says the truth or al-Maliki?

In contrast to the information .. McCain says the truth or al-Maliki?

Published 01/11/2013 10:26 AM

Maliki speaking at the US Institute of Peace in WashingtonOsama Mahdi *
accompanied controversy visit of Iraqi Prime Minister to the United States, especially after contradictory statements about his meetings with heads of committees and members of Congress. Vmketb Maliki did not mention a recent meeting with McCain, who said he was the face of sharp criticism of Iraqi Prime Minister.

The crowning Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki Zparth official to Washington on Friday Bembagesat with President Barack Obama, note observers for talks with the heads of committees of members of Congress, led by former presidential candidate Senator John McCain issued statements and contradictory statements from both sides have made Iraqis at a loss to know the truth of what House of discussions at the meetings.
Maliki’s office details

Following these talks, Maliki’s office said in a press statement seen the text “Elaf” The Iraqi prime minister search on the second day of his visit to the United States ways to develop relations between Iraq and the U.S. in all المحالات without reference to Senator John McCain critic of the policies of the Iraqi official internal and external.

The statement said that al-Maliki has said during these meetings to “affected some among congressional campaigns propaganda waged against Iraq,” and he stressed that Iraq chose the path of democracy, pluralism and participation, a past it is no way to go back with him and explained that Iraq today is managed jointly by the Government and Parliament and departments involved with all components of the Iraqi people.

However, the statement ignored said al-Maliki’s meeting with two prominent members of the Congress, John McCain and Bob Crocker, who face sharply criticized him after they met him and omitted the nature of the talks and Madar where.

A different picture to the substance of the talks

But on the second issued by American officials, those statements and the statements after their meeting with al-Maliki said where they directed his sharp criticism of his domestic policies, foreign affairs and assured him of their readiness to meet the demand to provide military aid if made significant changes in these policies towards the involvement of a wider components of the Iraqi authority as he seeks where to get the aircraft Apache gunships and aircraft march drone to counter al Qaeda militants at a time spans violence to his country across the border from neighboring Syria and growing dangerously led last month to the deaths of more than 600 Iraqis and more than 5353 people since the beginning of this year.

Sen. John McCain, one of the influential voices in the Republican Party’s foreign policy after meeting al-Maliki said in remarks seen by “Ilaf” “The situation is deteriorating and disintegrating and he has to fit things.” McCain was one of six members of the Senate from Republicans and Democrats sent a letter to Obama on Tuesday to take a hard line toward al-Maliki and holds the government responsible for the rising tide of violence. Said in the letter that al-Maliki is pursuing “often” a sectarian and authoritarian program which promotes al-Qaida in Iraq, fueling violence.

McCain said after meeting al-Maliki “Frankly, I was not happy about it … discourse, but that has been waiting for this type of assistance required by the strategy we need and we need to know exactly how it will be published and we need to see some changes in Iraq.”

The members of Congress also angry about reports that Iran is using Iraqi airspace to send military aid to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. A senior official in the U.S. administration that the administration believes that the number of flights declined but asked al-Maliki to improve the monitoring and follow-up process. In addition to the McCain-Maliki met with the leaders of the Foreign Relations Committee and Senate Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives.

Sen. Bob Crocker-ranking Republican in the Senate committee after a meeting with Iraqi official said Maliki’s visit were not as productive as what has resulted visits to most of the other international leaders. “It did not seem to me that he absorbed يتملكنا of feeling concerned about what is going on there. Seemed that it does not understand that these things are important to us and I do not think that this was a particularly useful meeting.”

Maliki meets with Obama

Maliki met last night with Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin E. Dempsey and other officials from the Ministry of Defense before his meeting with Obama on Friday. The ministry said in a statement that al-Maliki, Hegel and Dempsey “discussed the political and security situation in Iraq and ways to strengthen strategic cooperation the U.S. – Iraq in the face of challenges in the region.”

Maliki will meet with Obama on Friday for talks aimed at developing bilateral relations and expand the horizons of cooperation and in accordance with the strategic framework agreement signed between the two countries and ways to strengthen security and stability and the fight against terrorism as well as discuss the latest developments in the region, especially the Syrian crisis.

Has pulled out the last batch of U.S. troops from Iraq by the end of 2011 after a war that lasted eight years, but many American officials are alarmed about the continuing violence in Iraq and the rapprochement with Iran after spending billions of dollars and thousands of Americans lost in the war there.

Said Rep. Eliot Gospel of the highest democratic Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives, “after all the blood that we have lost all the money who أنفقناه seems as if Iran’s influence in Iraq is greater than the impact of the United States and this, of course, put annoying.” But the Bible said Maliki’s meeting with him and Republican Rep. Ed Royce Chairman of the Committee had discussed a range of issues of concern. “I think that in a very difficult situation .. it kept repeating that Iraqi democracy is not perfect, but democracy.”

Maliki’s visit to Washington, the fourth of its kind as prime minister, where she was the first in July 2006 and the second in July 2009, while the third was in December (December) in 2011.