Maliki held a second meeting with Biden and meet with the defense minister

Maliki held a second meeting with Biden and meet with the defense minister and a number of researchers and policy analysts

01-11-2013 04:33 PM

Maliki held a second meeting with Biden and meet with the defense minister Baghdad (news) .. Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, with U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, who visited him at his residence in the Hotel Willard, with a number of U.S. officials, military and Army Chief of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey, the latest developments of security and political situation in Iraq and the region and requirements Iraqi to meet the security challenges. said the prime minister, according to a statement by his press office, received the Agency (news) a copy of it on Friday: The nature of the challenges facing Iraq and the region requires a higher level of cooperation and coordination between the two countries. said: that Iraq follow a comprehensive strategy to eliminate terrorism to keep dangerous for Iraqis who unite in the face of terrorism because it includes everyone in Asthdavath. Maliki confirmed: that the circumstances in which we are experiencing now is a serious and accurate, but Iraq had previously passed the conditions harder and came out of her and overcome, and that the terrorists today beaten and fleeing and they can not control on the road or the city, but they يكمنون to kill innocent and defenseless here and there. statement noted: that the U.S. defense secretary stressed that the United States is fully aware of what Iraq needs in the face of terrorism, calling for greater cooperation and coordination to defeat al Qaeda, while welcoming Gen. Dempsey develop a comprehensive strategy to Dhralarhab and al-Qaeda, and pledged U.S. support for this strategy. Earlier gave the Prime Minister a lecture at the U.S. Institute of Peace attended by senior researchers, ministers and a group of former politicians and opinion leaders in the United States, and stressed that terrorism in Iraq targeting everyone is here described as Amnesty International crimes rule as genocide human , and touched in his lecture to the conditions that prevailed in the region and their impact on Iraq, both in terms of security, political, and gave in-depth analysis of the nature of the challenges that stand in the way of Iraq, and answered at the end of the lecture to questions from participants. were also held a seminar closed annexed to the Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs, former U.S. Madeleine Albright and senior researchers, diplomats, former in the region and the most important researchers and specialists on Iraq and the region, during which in-depth research and frank discussion on different aspects of the crisis faced by the countries of the region and a link to Iraq, and responded to the Prime Minister, for more than an hour, on the most important questions that feel free to among opinion leaders and decision-makers, and participants expressed their keen interest in what they have heard from the answers and analyzes addressed the conditions of the political process and the nature of internal developments and tensions experienced by the regional countries against the backdrop of sectarian conflict and the Syrian crisis, and achieved Iraq despite the difficulties the amount of successes at the level of the internal situation and resorting to elections and the Constitution in the dispute, also touched on the dialogue to Iraq’s success in establishing relationships growing with the outside world, praising the successful Iraq to build good relations with neighboring countries, especially Kuwait despite the heavy legacy left behind by the previous regime. In another context, the statement added: Maliki held a closed meeting It is the second in two days, with Vice President Joe Biden in the White House addressed the developments of bilateral relations and what can be done to deepen cooperation and coordination between the two countries, particularly in the fight against terrorism and the development of relations of friendship and partnership between the two countries, it was agreed on a series of steps carried out by the two sides to achieve a major shift in bilateral relations and the application of the Strategic Framework Agreement. due to hold the prime minister and his accompanying delegation, a meeting with President Barack Obama in the White House is the finalization of the talks on bilateral relations and prospects of cooperation between the two countries in the interests of the two peoples and the peoples of the region, will also hold joint higher committee Ahtmaa headed The Prime Minister and Vice President Joe Biden, to discuss ways to promote relations the two countries in line with the Strategic Framework Agreement between the two countries and make progress on all tracks addressed by the Convention, which has pledged to build relationships long-term partnership will be issued at the conclusion of the meetings final statement of the level of bilateral relations and perceptions shared resolve crises in the region, the two leaders will also hold the Prime Minister and President Obama’s joint press conference to brief the press on what has been achieved during the meetings and has reached the relations between the two countries progress. / End