Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 10-31-13

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 10-31-13


Guru Critic, Thanks Poppy for reporting the factual truth on this matter.

10-31-2013 Newshound Guru Adam Montana [I was thinking a couple of thoughts about the Dinar revalue & timing. The longer the dinar takes to re-value, the more Dinars those in power & the general public in Iraq, can stockpile and accumulate, so they have a larger end game nest egg , so to speak. Because now they are getting paid in low value Dinars, Once revalue hits, they will be paid in fewer Dinars which are worth more. Possible?] This is something that has been going on for a long time – the rich and powerful are of course stockpiling their Dinar in anticipation of a rise in the value of the Dinar. I don’t believe they are intentionally delaying an RV for this reason, this is simply a byproduct of the situation.

10-31-2013 Pumper Guru Loechin …let’s see what today and tonight holds for us.

10-30-2013 Newshound Guru Adam Montana This week in Dinar, we have a couple of interesting things… as we know, the HCL is a major deal and we need them to have a resolution on that before major progress is made. Since an RV will be such a HUGE event, there is a lot of political gaming going on right now…and it looks like a strong push is being made to get this ball rolling.

10-30-2013 Newshound Guru Adam Montana Now add this article: “… postponement of 5th round of licenses to next year”… I know a lot of you might think I’m crazy for saying that is good, but the kicker is this: WHY are they postponing it? Because, quote: “…our staff is busy with three important projects.” What three “important projects” can you think of? How about elections, political power, and the HCL? And one more… the fact that Iraq’s gold supply is officially announced to be greater than it’s foreign currency reserves can’t be a bad thing either!

10-30-2013 Pumper Guru EXOGEN Per conversation with banking contacts the currency catalogs are updated online and are typically in a 3 ringed binder. Some use the physical catalog and others use the online version. Technically they do not have to wait for a physical book. That is solely at the discretion of the banking institution. The material with the lower denominations is now available to all major U.S.A banks as of TODAY.

10-30-2013 Pumper Guru EXOGEN Every branch in the United States will not be an exchange location and it is based on demographics. The UST in conjunction with FINCEN already has reports of regional IQD holdings based on city, state & zip which ties into 1800 that has been implemented for the exchange.

Guru Critic, @ the many PUMPER Guru’s: The only thing surpassed by your arrogance is your ignorance. Yes all locations of banks will exchange when that time comes, if they choose to at the Corporate level.

10-30-2013 Intel/Newshound Guru Poppy3 i am…getting very excited about the next few days and hope maliki and staff show up all together as expected. either way this week will tell us a story and i hope it has the very happy ending that we all are wanting.

10-30-2013 Newshound/Intel Guru Eagle1 Two calls in particular with folks inside the present administration in DC brought a wealth of information …We had fully expected to see the GCR released for today (Wednesday) and there was a significant amount of information in the days leading up to today that seemed to indicate that. Yesterday…Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki arrived in DC. For a long time it has been my consistent stand that the GCR has ceased to be an Iraqi event and that it was now fully in the hands of the IMF. That position has not changed. However, it appears that because of some politics and diplomacy between DC and Iraq, the IMF has been persuaded to delay the release for a few days in order to allow the Iraqi PM an opportunity to put on a celebratory event coordinated with DC. Iraq, after all, is the pivot currency for the entire Global Currency Reset…

10-30-2013 Newshound/Intel Guru Eagle1 …Maliki is due to return to Iraq on Saturday, the 2nd, following the signing of a new SOFA (Status of Forces Agreement) with Obama. It is possible…that he and Obama may make some kind of statement prior to his boarding a flight back to Baghdad. The statement would be something of an acknowledgement that Iraq’s currency has returned to international tradeability and value lost to the Dinar…restored.

10-30-2013 Newshound/Intel Guru Eagle1 At this point it is possible that there will be a GCR release to FOREX screens on Thursday night/Friday morning. If there is success in loading the GCR for a Thursday night/Friday morning event, we should be able to go to the banks on Friday. If, as I suspect, it waits until sometime Friday, we are far more likely to be waiting until Tuesday, the 4th, before we will be able to begin our exchanges.

10-30-2013 Newshound/Intel Guru Eagle1 Banks have reported some significant fluctuations in the IQN rates over the past few days on their administrative screens, and those fluctuations make it very difficult to flat out state that we are going to see the long-projected $3.44 rate for the Dinar. With statements, however, from IMF sources indicating that there is a real desire to see the IQN closely mirror Kuwait, and the fact that Kuwait’s Dinar is expected to climb by as much as 10% against the USD in the coming days…$3.86 has become a very real possibility – whether we see that rate immediately or in the near-term days or weeks.

Guru Critic, Once again there is no documentation to support the GCR (Global Currency Reset). It is made up in the minds of some of these guru’s, just like the IQN, there is no such currency.

10-30-2013 SUPER PUMPER Guru TNT Tony [via a scape goat] The majority of people with good sources know that Maliki and Barzani are both here. They are still having discussions today. They have had meetings with the state department here in the US for the past 3-4 days. He will be here thru Friday. Everything is set for the RV. At the last minute, more negotiations. They are trying to do what’s right on a global scale for everybody so that the effect is a lasting one. They’re trying to get the greatest benefit for everybody, which is why the rates keep going up.

10-30-2013 SUPER PUMPER Guru TNT Tony Yesterday everybody was in agreement. There was a set time yesterday for this to happen. But they’re still talking this morning. I’m still looking at 11/1 as the back wall. Today, tomorrow, or the next hour. The new NDA coming out is 19 pages as of yesterday. They are trying to get it down to 11 pages.

10-30-2013 SUPER PUMPER Guru TNT Tony BREAKING NEWS…. just got this text: on Iraqi TV it is scrolling telling them “soon” their IQD will increase in value even greater than recent increases. This is very positive and good for us. I still believe Nov. 1 is the back wall. You should be excited.

Guru Critic, What happened to your IQN theory? Why are they not saying that their “IQN” will increase? Oh Yah….There is no such currency!! LOL

10-30-2013 Intel Guru TD As you see by the IMF report, which I reported on a week after the Central Banks meetings, that they have advised a hybrid rate of the current 1166 and to let market forces take the rate to it’s sustainable, appropriate level . This is the scenario IF Iraq decides to introduce sooner rather than later. The (IMF) statement also clearly shows that the IMF is in an advisory role and not a 3 letter agency in charge of the event. Iraq is indeed in charge of it’s own affairs and those alluding that it is not in their hands are arrogantly false!

10-30-2013 Intel Guru TD The rate (whenever introduced) will reflect the support level of the country as a WHOLE (infrastructure, economy, political stability resources, etc. ) and that many components of the equation still need much work to correlate with any kind of high rate. Astronomical high rates being proposed by some ( 10 27, 30 ) are orbital rates that have no credibility here on earth.

Guru Critic, @ the many PUMPER Guru’s: Like I said before, The only thing surpassed by their arrogance is their ignorance.