Intelligence: the officers were planning to target al-Maliki life!

Intelligence: the officers were planning to target al-Maliki life!

Created on Tuesday, 29 October 1 / Okrudolf 2013 12:34

Intelligence-the officers were planning to target al-Maliki lifeBAGHDAD / Heba Mahmoud

Revealed intelligence information was described as “confirmed” stating the existence of a scheme to target the Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki by officers of the former regime loyalists of the Secretary-General of the Baath Party Izzat al-Duri.

According to a source familiar with the intelligence community in the Iraqi government refers to the existence of the scheme seeks to target the Prime Minister. The source, who declined to be named, said the bodies likely intelligence information says “The former vice-president (Saddam Hussein) Izzat al-Duri would launch a military attack by his aides of the former regime officers hit the Green Zone, specifically targeting the prime minister.”

In response to a question about the source of the information relied upon by the intelligence agencies, the source said that “one loyal to the outlawed Baath Party, one of the inhabitants of the province of Salahuddin confirmed the information.” He pointed out that the security forces are currently working on preventing the exploitation of the terrorist groups to government departments near the Green Zone to exploit or through the corridor to the work of a hole in the wall of the Green Zone and sneak it. And connecting source between tight security taken in the Karada Mariam and intelligence, and said it was taking the utmost caution and special attention, and encouraging citizens to inform the security agencies in case of availability of state security information to enable them to take action proactive to thwart the intentions of totals الاهابية.

The vicinity of the Green Zone is still closed since more than three weeks before the citizens, except employees of the Ministry of Housing and Construction and the Ministry of Displacement and Migration and the staff of the region dungeon, where the checkpoint at the intersection of Bridge Republic to allow passage of vehicles carrying their owners Lepage access to those institutions.