U.S. spying on Iraq’s leaders to blackmail them later

U.S. spying on Iraq’s leaders to blackmail them later

Posted, 10/28/2013

US spying on Iraqs leaders to blackmail them laterPalm – MPs and politicians stressed that the United States spied on Iraqi officials and deputies, warned that the United States did not hesitate spying on its allies and powerful as France, so they are 100% spying on Iraqi officials to provoke them and blackmail them later.

The MP said the former judge Wael Abdul Latif, the superpower in the world is the United States and full control over the airspace for all countries of the world, as well as control over most of the seas and oceans and the rules of the wilderness of many in the world, pointing out that American power fact should not be ignored or overlooked by .

He added: that the (CIA), is a force system intelligence in the world and this identifier to each as the Internet traffic and social networking sites are all practically pour into the loop controlled by the United States, including possesses advanced technology, and in practice the United States spies on Iraq without a doubt, They did it with France strong Halviha, how Iraq!! Abd al-Latif: that the American side granting members of the Governing Council in 2003 after the fall of the former regime, a Mobile small name (LG TNT), and it turns out later that monitors and records all calls conducted by the holders of this type of machine and sends it to the U.S..

He pointed out that this is ten years ago, so it is not impossible for the United States to extend to all aspects of the Iraqi state, because they lived detailed, transportation, and military laboratories, communications and intelligence. He continued: that other Iraqi airspace is not fully controlled, but the base (Al Sailiya) American in Qatar control Pajuaúna, as no control over a lot of Iraqi territory controlled by the United States.

He called Abdul Latif not to “Tgshem” earned and go بمديات far from the national, and say that we will stop the United States, stressing the lack of means to do so, Iraq has not speeches, speech, and while America has the technology and exercising its authority across systems capable. He warned that this ability dangerous to the sovereignty of Iraq, as it affects the atmosphere of the decision-making, and see Abdel-Latif: that most countries meddling in Iraq by Iran to Mozambique, which means that the concept of sovereignty in Iraq is disabled to be authorized by God to change the country from event to event. He explained: that the country’s situation will only correct the achievement of national cohesion and make the country of citizenship and country is not a country of the components and the formation of ministries of sound and efficient.

In the same context did not Isawr Kurdistan Alliance MP Mahmoud Othman doubt the fact that the United States of spying on Iraq, and said: 100% American spying on officials and deputies Iraqis, this competence Parent, pointing out that the United States spied on countries ally like France, where the scandal broke a major, and was told America is recorded in a single day and 70 million call from France, so the potential for something similar in Iraq and strongly Ward will not hesitate to America to do.

He stated that the United States possesses drones Tsol and wander in all the atmosphere of the world, where in Pakistan killed 400 people required to America, and in Yemen killed 700, all of which are negative no good. And between Osman: that these activities, the gravity on Iraq, but are limited due to lack of secrets in Iraq, all the issues and clear, however dangerous and America inevitably spying on Iraq.

He guessed that the United States provoked Iraqi officials and deputies, depending on information Tgmalaa through their spy networks, and prepare them “files” contain weaknesses and owners Pfdham threat or do certain things, or to monitor their movements.