Iraq negotiates Jordan and Egypt on its debts according to the “Paris Club”

Iraq negotiates Jordan and Egypt on its debts according to the “Paris Club”


Iraq negotiates Jordan and Egypt on its debts according to the Paris ClubTwilight News / press Jordanian sources said, Wednesday, that the Iraqi government authorized the Iraqi Minister of Finance and the Governor of the Central Bank of negotiation and debt settlement Jordanian and Egyptian agreement on Iraq, according to the “Paris Club”.

altThe Jordan News Agency “Petra” in the news have followed the “Twilight News”, “The Iraqi government has decided to settle the money that the Jordanian government to act out and submit the settlement by the case finished,” indicating that the matter “will be also with respect to funds Egyptian” .

The “Paris Club economic” had been decided during the 2004 write-off of Iraq’s debt, which is an informal group of financiers from 19 countries of the richest countries in the world that offer financial services such as debt restructuring, debt relief and debt cancellation on the debtor and creditor countries and identifies Monetary Fund International names of those States.

It is estimated that specialists total debt of Iraq because of the policies of the former regime at 115 billion dollars has been waived Russia for more than 90% of its debt and China about 80% of the debt and the United Arab Emirates all debts, while Japan has ceded 85% of its debt and promised to consider the remaining amount , as did many countries.

It expresses the observers for the surprise of the insistence of Arab countries to keep their debts against Iraq despite the change of the former regime, while pointing out that there are “greatly exaggerated” in talking about the size of the amounts due against Iraq, two references of this command to political attempts to pressure to extract concessions bigger and that this It would create a state of extreme confusion between real debt and declared figures for political purposes, according to the specialists.

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