Parliamentary economy expects to raise zeros from the Iraqi dinar in 2015

Parliamentary economy expects to raise zeros from the Iraqi dinar in 2015


Iraqi dinarConfirmed for the economy and investment committee that parliamentary raise zeros from the dinar improves its value, expected completion of this matter in 2015.

A member of the Committee, MP Hassan Salman Wahab in a press statement on Sunday that “raise zeros from the Iraqi dinar raises its value through the sobriety that would have enjoyed more if reducing the number of banknotes in the framework of a new edition frequently traded and work out both at the level of the country or abroad.”

explained Rep. Wahab that “countries that have fought this experiment succeeded and achieved economies balanced and sobering, but we have unfortunately, everyone speaks in all cases, whether from professionals or not, and presents ideas weird and wonderful, and this is not true.”

and between “it was to undo it and postponed to in 2014, there is a readiness to him and could have been accomplished, but the frequent harassment forced everyone to postponed to next year. “

and noted that “the decision when he matures and complete the picture everyone has to be agreed with the presses global and conclusion of contracts to be finalized and entered into force to be our new currency a few papers cash easy handling and trading, and I think he will be ready already in 2015. “

The economists argue the importance of deletion of zeros from the currency current, which applies to Tgayl inflation and achieve a breakthrough in the country’s economy from the currency a few new banknotes and solid simulates the rest of the currencies of the world .