Assurances of the importance of getting Iraq’s sovereign rating

Assurances of the importance of getting Iraq’s sovereign rating


BAGHDAD – Farah pumice A member of the Association of private banks and bank manager Ashur Shirvan Anwar Mustafa importance for Iraq on rating sovereign world.

Mustafa said in his speech for the (morning): “There are ways and mechanisms are simple to get Iraq to this category, especially that all countries in the world dealing with institutions evaluate international. “

said a member of the Association that “in order to deal rating agencies and international calendar with Iraq, must be monetary policy stable without fluctuations, and maintain the stability of cash and commitment to international conventions, noting that the current trend is going in the way of the signing of international treaties give a guarantee to the investor, which is the “opportunity” for any organization evaluating an international assessment of the situation in Iraq in general backing and support of UN organizations.

considered Mustafa that the sovereign rating important issue for the country and deal internationally, especially at the level of financial institutions, noting that any goods up to Iraq, the cost of Shipping fees and extra export, due to the lack of an international classification for him.