Iraqi Dinar Guru update 10-1-13 3:00 pm PST

Iraqi Dinar Guru update 10-1-13 3:00 pm PST

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions/predictions10-1-2013 Intel Guru Frank26 I Team heard a MOF (Minister Of Finance)minister comment to a CBI official that they would like to pay the remaining 10 billion to Kuwait on Oct 1; Iraq already paid 1 billion to Kuwait on July 1; why is that important? Historically, the CBI pays on the 1st of quarters – July 1st, and now Oct 1st begins a new quarter; the UNSC wants to see Kuwait paid. one last report from I Team, if Iraq makes the payment to Kuwait, they will allow Iraq to announce the revaluation of their currency. Then they can enter Ch6. If we see an announcement tomorrow, we may expect an RD (Re-Denomination),(Oct 1), followed immediately by an RI (Re-Instatement),(Oct 2), which is why WF is saying exchange on Oct 2. watching this hour by hour.

10-1-2013 Intel Guru Mnt Goat …the deficit issue is no longer a concern. They are just using this issue as a political football…the outcome is and has been already determined. They will shut down the government (already done) and then push it to the extent where the recent extension is almost expired and then they will announce a compromise…How does this relate to the activation of the rates? To answer this question we first must look at why they are using this event of the debt ceiling issue.

10-1-2013 Intel Guru Mnt Goat This year it will be used to rollout the funds (post RV) to pay off a chuck of the national debt thus less interest to pay on that borrowed money thus a surplus will magically appear out of thin air. They will end the game with a touchdown. Just like they did in the 90’s with the Kuwait dinar revaluation. So my sources are telling me that this drama will continue right up until the deadline of when the current extension for deficit spending ends (about early/mid October) and then we will see the RV. Everything else is set to go for the activation.

Guru Critic, The Kuwait dinar situation was COMPLETELY different than it is with the Iraqi dinar. According to a Navy seal (that was in Kuwait at the time), told me that Saddam’s Republican guard stole the printing plates used to print the Kuwaiti dinar, after the American troops liberated Kuwait they immediately devalued the Kuwaiti dinar to about 10 cents USD. They could not keep using the same currency because Saddam could basically print all he wanted to and use it for payment. Kuwait created a NEW currency and gave their citizens 60 days to exchange their “old” Kuwaiti dinar for the “new” Kuwaiti dinar. After the 60 days had expired, they Re-Instated (RI) the new currency at the old rate that it was and completely devalued the old Kuwaiti dinar. It was pushed to incredible rates on Forex (about $8 bucks)as a result, alot of people made some very good money at that time off this unique situation. Some others lost an incredible amount too. It has stabilized at the rate it is now (about $3.50). The US Government did not use profits from this to pay toward the US deficit, that is false. Sanctions that are imposed on a country is what devalues it’s currency, plain and simple. Just like Iran is right now.

10-1-2013 Intel Guru MarkZ What most intel people are looking at is the beginning of the process and they think that it will instantly hit the streets. They are not giving you bad information. It is just not complete and can not be complete and shouldn’t be for that matter. This is a process. period. That being said…we are in a GREAT spot! We are right on top of this. This thing is here in a broad sense. It is so plain that it should have hit you in the face already.

10-1-2013 Intel Guru MarkZ I KNOW we are past anything short of minor blips for the first time EVER. Fortunately I have great contacts so I AM NOT WORRIED AT ALL ANYMORE. This is and has always been a when and not an if. Always believe that. Fortunately it is very close. IMO. [hope you are on the beach within the next 5 days lol] I honestly believe I will be. Kick back, love life and KNOW we are close.

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