Iraqi economy is expected to grow due to the increase of oil production

Iraqi economy is expected to grow due to the increase of oil production


Expect MP for the coalition of state law, Ibrahim stirrup growth of the Iraqi economy by increasing oil production and exports.

Rikabi said in a press statement on Tuesday that “the economy is one of the important pillars in each country in all fields.”

He explained that “our economy passed through several stages, and stops the growth and development at the time of the former regime and the wars and problems that passed him and led to the damage and losses in national wealth and human resources, which resulted from the failures of our economy very much.”

He noted that “after 2003, and regardless of what has been the deterioration of security in order to thwart the political process and try faltering economy, but the economic growth in Iraq by 10 percent has become comparable to the growth of the economies of the world’s most sophisticated,” noting that “it came through increased production and export oil. “

He stirrup “We aspire through this economic resource that open up to other resources and activation of these roles and trends in those sectors to support and supplement the economy of oil production”