United Nations: a decision to extend the work of the Electoral Commission of Iraq has taken the right time

20/04/2012 09:25

Baghdad, April 20 / April (Rn) – welcomed the United Nations mission to help Iraq (UNAMI), the decision of the Iraqi parliament to extend the life of the Electoral Commission for elections. The House voted Thursday to extend the work of the Electoral Commission the current which is supposed to be solved in 28 of the month for three months and full powers.praised the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq, Martin Kobler decision due to be taken in time to prevent a constitutional vacuum that would disrupt the ongoing preparations for the electoral process ahead of the country. said Kuebler said in a statement received by the agency Kurdish news agency (Rn) a copy of that “enables the Board of Commissioners present to continue to perform his duties until the completion of the process of selecting the Board of Commissioners the new is very important.” stressed Kubler on the importance of the enjoyment of the Office of independence and credibility to enhance the gains of democratic transformation in Iraq. and renewed United Nations confirmed the importance of complete the process of selecting Board of Commissioners of the Office of the new election as soon as possible with the commitment at the same time the principles of transparency and professionalism in the selection process. and take a commission of experts made ​​up of 21 deputies from different political blocs to develop mechanisms and controls for the selection of new national electoral commission instead of the current commission. The United Nations said In its statement, it is committed to providing support for the Commission to carry out its responsibilities regarding conduct all electoral processes in Iraq. Abdullah Sabri