Are international banks working in Iraq?

Are international banks working in Iraq?

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Published 01/10/2013 07:45 AM

The general headquarters of the Rafidain Bank in Iraq* Angelsinspiring
journey of searching for (Iraq), or (good), or any Iraqi bank to accept the international banks that linked him financially, a major disappointment, as all international banks revealed the absence of these two names in a series of international banks dealing with it.

Wonderland trip began when I was asked by the representative of the German bank that I deal with (As Iraqis know) of help them find the Iraqi banking institution funds may be transferred from and to. And searched the Internet, as it should be both the beginning and we are in the second decade of the twenty-first century, the result was: No Page of the Rafidain Bank in English on the Internet, and the existing page

Is a page of its branch in London, which did not occur since 16/12/2012, and the reference to section correlation Rafidain Bank in Iraq, nor to how to conduct bank transfers. There is another page to its branch in Amman belonging to pensioners residing in Jordan (I do not know what privacy of Jordan in this franchise?), And signal where to any remittances international banking, as it does not contain a link or a postal address mail “email” to contact them.

The Rasheed Bank Read Page electronic elegant English

But the details of banking transactions page (About Us, banking services, contact us, email the bank) are all fake and do not work, as there is no indication reveal the date last updated page.

I returned to the German bank to ask for more information about their willingness to deal with Iraqi banks (الغصة the تخنقني to my knowledge they are all a fake institutions). Representative of the bank told me that they want to turn a few million euro in favor of one of their clients to a multinational company operating in Iraq.

LaSalle walked away from the people I know, everyone told me that the only method available to transfer funds to and from Iraq is through the local banking offices known to Iraqis Ataatma the international insurance or guarantee.

“Disrupted speak the language,” How could shift international banking institution the amount of 5 million euros (for example) to the Office of the banking unknown internationally and is not registered and does not have an account covers international activity? Who stands behind these offices? It is operated?

A very serious question: Where is the official banking institutions or Iraqi civil unreliable?

And what do the Rafidain Bank and Rasheed Bank since 2003?

Serious question, how to conduct financial transactions between the official Iraqi institutions and their international counterparts? Is it true to say that the delegates carrying tote bags in their hands with millions of dollars to accomplish deals with the States?

As a Juhaynah that نشدوا then the news certainty, dropped in my hand and I went back disappointed to Deutsche Bank’s prestigious tell them what I knew, they laughed and dispersed Me They يتغامزون, and then returned Mhaoarham to say: “We’ll see at the possibility of converting the amount to international banks in Jordan, who are in charge converted to Iraq, This will cost extra money, of course. ”

Jordan small impoverished permission is Iraq’s financial lung.

The end of the story, and invite international companies to invest in Iraq have the best facilities and preferences and Altfajikhat and so on.

* An Iraqi writer based in Germany and the newspaper article about the “world” Baghdadi