Disclosure of billions of “Saddam Hussein” held in Moscow

Disclosure of billions of “Saddam Hussein” held in Moscow


Disclosure of billions of Palm – The newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets Russian, that Customs Sheremetyevo Airport in Moscow international custody of the huge amounts of European banknotes weighs 200 tons with a total value of 20 billion euros.

According to a security source: do not rule out that the former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein is the owner of the money, where Saddam was the third richest man in the world according to the magazine (Forbes), but the money suddenly disappeared after he threw the security men the Americans arrested him, and not unlikely to be money to Iran arrived first, and then transferred to and from Germany to Russia, according to the source cited by the hypothesis.

The newspaper pointed out that the documents obtained by stating that the money arrived to Moscow on a plane came from the German city of Frankfurt on the seventh of August 2007, provided with an Iranian named Kroraan absolute Farzin (54 years old).

The newspaper pointed out, according to the report published by the newspaper “Masrawy” that those documents do not specify who should receive this money, and therefore refrain airport customs for delivery to one since 6 years, and on the other hand can not Russian authorities confiscated the money because the documents identify the owner.