U.S. report: the oil-rich Kurdistan region is moving steadily towards independence

U.S. report: the oil-rich Kurdistan region is moving steadily towards independence


U.S. report: the oil-rich Kurdistan region is moving steadily towards independenceBaghdad / follow-up file News: A report by U.S., on Friday, the approach of the Kurdistan region of Iraq from the declaration of independence more than ever “thanks to its reserves of oil” and increase ties in the energy field with Turkey, and expected that the Baghdad government do “anything” to prevent it command, with a global agency warned for Energy of the danger of escalation region Dgutath on Baghdad.

The agency UBI U.S. report followed the agency “file News”, “The Kurdish region’s oil-rich northern Iraq approaching declared independence more than ever, thanks to its oil reserves amounting to 45 billion barrels and increase ties in the energy field with Turkey in a manner growing. ”

The U.S. report said that “the central government in Baghdad opposes the secession of Kurdistan completely, fearing that encourages that federal Mnatqa again for autonomy at the expense of Baghdad.”

The report predicted that “the Baghdad anything to prevent the Kurdish enclave in northern Iraq, acting in effect in the state with all its institutions of legislative, executive and judiciary and has its own army and economic fundamentals offered by the big oil companies in addition to reserves large natural gas.”

The report emphasized Alamarki the “Kurdistan on the eve of the oil boom, where international companies are lined for the latest quota in the new oil state which has since 1990 and so far an unprecedented level of political and economic stability in the region.”

He continued that “companies such as Exxon Mobil and Chevron and Total of France turned its back to Baghdad despite their wealth huge amounts of energy to develop oil in Kurdistan,” he said, adding “however remains Turkey’s support is crucial at the moment whether sought Kurdistan actually towards independence . ”

He pointed out that “in light of their partnership in the field of energy can be for Turkey to اتتوفر have sources of oil wealth naturally will import 353 million cubic feet of natural gas, which is equivalent to 20 to 25 percent of annual consumption in spite of the lack of infrastructure intact where analysts believe he can to solve this problem within 30 months. ”

He pointed out that “for obvious reasons, these large enterprises and extremely sensitive surrounded by an aura of mystery where does not want Ankara to provoke Baghdad or Iran this matter at this time,” explaining that “Turkey and Kurdistan يتجنبان a major confrontation with Baghdad by creating confusion about their projects in northern Iraq . ”

For its part, the agency said global consultancy energy (Stranfor), said that “with every increasing energy efforts between Turkey and Kurdistan increasingly resistant Baghdad and expanding such resistance with Iran as well.”

She Stranfor by saying that “the Kurdistan Regional Government is stepping up the pressure,” pointing out that “the decision to bypass the infrastructure controlled by Baghdad and get the plugs for oil independently of the central government is the issue of risky,” likely to be “Turkey is not ready for this level of confrontation. ”