White House began the countdown for the post-Maliki

“Press-term” movement from U.S. sources: among the White House began the countdown for the post-Maliki

Published 27/09/2013 09:28 AM

White House began the countdown for the post-MalikiWASHINGTON – “Press-term”
Gather indicators pointing to intersections US-Iran formed key factor in assigning power to the current Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki three years ago, fell سقوطا full, and at a distance of a few months of elections in 2014 parliamentary elections, everything indicates that the accounts after the battle does not look like what came before.

Recent evidence of this fact can touch of Nuri al-Maliki himself, who canceled at the last minute trip that he intended to do to New York because Barack Obama apologized for the second time in less than a year for a meeting, even though the atmosphere US-Iranian better than ever, Since more than ten years.

Observers may record that the Iraqi prime minister this century cancellation nervous as he said the words, addressing أخصامه of politicians that “murder of identity … but no matter what you did will not Ttzlmoa power.”

It is no secret that the U.S. president had refused a year ago Exactly, to arrange a meeting with the President of the Government of Iraq, following a request by Maliki’s office, through the channels of diplomacy, that day Declined man from participating in the session of the 67th General Assembly of the United Nations, did not explain his reasons for his this decision.

In an attempt to disguise this fact among the prime minister volunteered that day, saying that “al-Maliki did not receive an invitation to give a speech Iraq” as if the U.S. government is that invitations to attend a regular session of the General Assembly.

For its part, the White House sources leaked at the time (September 2012), the U.S. president wanted to “punish” al-Maliki to allow Iranian aircraft to cross Iraqi airspace, so that the movement of weapons, equipment and fighters to Syria, in support of the regime of President Bashar al-Assad.

At convinced observers and analysts Americans that the position of the U.S. administration of the reservation of the reign of al-Maliki, not only for his cooperation strategic alliance with Iran in support of the Syrian regime, but beyond this cooperation to neglect or dropping all the understandings signed between Washington and Baghdad before the U.S. withdrawal from Iraq, the understandings are as a whole, “Strategic Framework Agreement” (November 2008) that govern US-Iraqi relations in the post-withdrawal.

At convinced U.S. officials that al-Maliki did not do anything to maintain close contact with the United States, but did everything to prevent Washington from retaining what is left of their interests and influence in Iraq and in neighboring Iraq.

It seems that the United States is to have a new opportunity to revitalize relations with Iraq through the “Strategic Framework Agreement”, and in front of other opportunities for the implementation of projects with significant effects on the bilateral relations between the two countries at the security and oil together.

The White House sources say that the elections preparing her Iraq in the spring of 2014, a significant milestone in re “correction” of bilateral relations, and that the post-Maliki is supposed to make that correction.

In the view of many observers that the United States helped after the 2010 elections, the reversal process of forming the government in the direction of al-Maliki, and supported by believing that it is able to maintain internal stability, but the experience led Washington to conclusions opposite, as evidenced by events and crises enormous through which Iraq today , after Pat continuation of al-Maliki in power synonymous with each small and large disasters.

Is the countdown began to replace Nouri al-Maliki?

Among the White House insists that the elections of 2014, is considered a “moment of success or failure,” the level of US-Iraqi relations, while accelerating international consultations to re-install the region militarily and politically and strategically.

She adds that “increased bilateral cooperation, before this election, or in preparation her, Aattabravdil and means to rebuild US-Iraqi cooperation on the basis of more pronounced.”

All this means that the phase-Maliki expired or almost to expire, the American perspective at least.