Erbil: We will pay the dues of foreign companies to deduct part of the oil imports if Baghdad failed to

Erbil: We will pay the dues of foreign companies to deduct part of the oil imports if Baghdad failed to

Wednesday, September 25 / September 2013 18:50

Erbil: We will pay the dues of foreign companies to deduct part of the oil imports if Baghdad failed to[Baghdad – where]

The Minister of Natural Resources in the Kurdistan Regional Government drastically “that it will pay all dues of foreign oil companies operating in the region of the proceeds of oil fields in the case of Baghdad’s failure to pay.”

And stopped sales of Kurdistan oil through the national pipeline network because of a dispute between Baghdad Erbil, and there are no talks between the two parties at the present time to resolve the dispute on entitlements foreign oil companies operating in the region.

A statement of the provincial government agency received all of Iraq [where] a copy of it for Hawrami said, “that in the case of abstinence Baghdad government for securing the rights of the Kurdistan region in the permanent constitution, we will resort to an alternative plan requires to export oil region and deducted dues of those companies of its revenues.”

The Minister of Natural Resources that “the region supported undoubtedly have to deal with Baghdad, according to the permanent Iraqi constitution has been in the draft general budget of Iraq for the year 2014 and estimated at [150] billion dollars allocated [860] million dollars to pay dues of foreign oil companies operating in the region” .

A delegation from the Kurdistan region under the chairmanship of the provincial government Barzani visited Baghdad in 29 of the month of April, and met with a delegation of the National Alliance and Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and Parliament Speaker Osama al-Nujaifi to discuss the outstanding issues and an end to the problems between the center and the region.

The Kurdish delegation signed during the visit on the 7-point agreement with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki included federal solutions to some of the outstanding problems between Baghdad and Erbil, Kurdistan, according to official sources.

The agreement “amend the law of the financial budget of the Federal Assembly for the current year 2013, resolving oil and gas law, the resolution of the issue of the leadership of the Tigris and the island, redrawing the administrative boundaries of the regions of Kurdistan outside the region, offset with Anfal victims of chemical attacks, the joint management of the issue of visas and airports by the governments of center and the region, to appoint a representative to the provincial government in Baghdad, and another of the federal government in Erbil for coordination and exchange of information. ”

And spins a dispute between Arbil and Baghdad on 41 contracts, oil and signed by the provincial government since 2007 until now, you see the central government in Baghdad that any oil contract must be done with their consent, and refused Kurdistan recent draft of the oil and gas law approved by the Iraqi government and sent to the House of Representatives for approval, which strongly opposed by the Kurdistan Regional Government.

The Baghdad transactions between the oil companies and the illegal Kurdistan while provincial officials say the province has the right to control the oil resources as guaranteed by the Constitution. Finished.