Association of private banks: First Banking Conference in Iraq

Association of private banks: First Banking Conference in Iraq


Yasser incumbent prepares Association of private banks in Iraq to hold its first conference at a time when banks resulted in unprecedented by some who does not understands something Yalsiesten fiscal and monetary but he picked up a foul here or there Fastglha to highlight his talents on the air without regard for what caused these statements of abuse the reputation of banks internationally and delayed development required

comes this conference to be a serious stand firm and generally those who burn everything and everybody without a sense of responsibility and this speech hinder development, nothing wrong there is fear of mistakes does not make mistakes, but you take a person identified with his brother? It is unreasonable to withdraw mistake one banks to 50 banks accuse the banking sector, underdevelopment and lack of performance Enough evil washing, Come, let us build the nation corrects all Issadvina of error does not take it as a pretext to insult others.

attended a meeting of the Preparatory Committee for the Conference and wait for you to discuss ways to repel the attack unjustified, but I Unfortunately, I found the discussions were focused on things intuitive and easy do not need to waste time despite the relative importance of preparation.

I was hoping to hear the arguments very important in how to defend desperate about the performance of the banking sector and what his role Musharraf in the service of the development goals and how to promote this role to live up to the required level that silent accusations that some of the illiterate affairs of money.

So I find from the site of care and responsibility to draw the need for any program is the conference intensive on the show the role of the banking sector and ways to promote it and defend the achievements in the previous phase. conference received under the auspices of the Prime Minister must that rise to the level of this recognition of the importance of the banking sector is important and vital a reply real charges and also required that the amount of claims to the level of the role required of banks and put points on the characters through the diagnosis of constraints and offer ways to overcome them, not so they can be personal demands and Self has not been to the evolution of something.

We want to hear voices resounding in the conference able to attract international banks participating to invest in Iraq through to seize the opportunity to attend views prestigious international conference, it requires from banks discreet support orientations Association and its quest to represent them in front of decision-making centers and legislative bodies across this crowd is important.

expect this Conference Map the right way to rally the banking sector, both public and private sectors, not only blame and effort on the private banking sector because the public sector with responsibility for development. Saturday date of the conference and the time available in front of banks to unify its vision and its stance on the challenges to achieve the conference goals away from courtesies and Altahabi to gain the consent of the executive body or the other.