Iraq is a committee to investigate an unknown trying to scam $ 7 trillion dinars

19/04/2012 08:41

Baghdad, April 19 (Rn) – The Finance Committee of the Iraqi Council of Representatives on Thursday, the formation of an investigative committee for the detection of trying to defraud the government $ 7 trillion Iraqi dinars using forged documents, indicating that the fraud was discovered by the exchange amount. The phenomenon is second of its kind suffered by Iraq to defraud by unknown destinations, after trying to steal $ 1.7 billion in contracts Abermthma the Ministry of Electricity with two turned out they were two and Hmetin. said committee member Najiba Najib told the Kurdish news agency (Rn) that “the House of Representatives formed a committee investigative shall discuss the issue of trying to steal the large sum of money from the state treasury documents belonging to the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers forged … the amount reported on the year of Representatives is 7 trillion dinars and we verify the subject. ” explained Najib said “the theft, according to preliminary information is in two phases first amount mentioned above, and the second phase the amount of the largest, but foiled the robbery before the transfer amount. ” and showed a member of the Finance Committee about the “claim of the Ministry of Finance and Banks in cooperation with the investigative for the detection of those behind the theft and how to pass the forged documents.” She said, “very Committee to stand on facts and address the imbalance in the Bank of Iraq to prevent the recurrence of the phenomenon in the future. “offering some Iraqi banks over the past years to the robberies armed the most prominent bank Azwaip in the Karrada district of central Baghdad in 2009, which was stolen from him nearly 6.5 billion dinars, and the Rafidain Bank in the province of Najaf, which was stolen from him in 2010 approximately 6 billion dinars. From: Haidar Ibrahim, RN and fulfillment Zangana