1.64 trillion Iraqi dinars budget of the province of Baghdad

Ali Alhegel: 1.64 trillion Iraqi dinars budget of the province of Baghdad

21/09/2013 (00:01 pm)

1.64 trillion Iraqi dinars budget of the province of Baghdad Amman / Press-term

A member of the Baghdad Provincial Council, Mr. Ali Alhegel that balancing the province of Baghdad in 2013 amounting to 1.64 trillion dinars, and the urgent need for concerted efforts to restore the capital to throw the historical and former full throttle.
In remarks to the (long-Presse), in the Jordanian capital Amman, said: whenever exposed Baghdad to occupy a new and setbacks in a row and recovered, wounded بنكبة additional, most recently the U.S. occupation and its consequences, and is currently vulnerable to political differences Interior and the implications of the events in neighboring countries.
continued Alhegel The local government, since taking over tasks for this session and the previous one, in contact with most of the sites responsible because there the federal government in Baghdad, I have noticed that the quality of services in many sectors experiencing reluctance, in the sense that the services exist, but not at the level required, which aspires to the citizen-Baghdadi, when compared to the size of the appropriations for 2013 of $ 1.64 trillion Iraqi dinars.
pointed out that it was distributed These funds between Baghdad and the Secretariat of the capital, pointing out that the priorities of the province is to develop the areas of health, education and the environment, in addition to infrastructure projects and other sectors such as sports and youth, as well as housing, noting that these sectors are included in the five-year plan, and there are plans vessels each year which projects derived of the five-year plan.
Asked about the housing sector in Baghdad, said: We have four pools are a great complex area القطيفية includes 1,800 housing units at a cost of 140 billion dinars, and a complex Mahmudiya area includes 1,200 housing units at a cost of 91 billion Iraqi dinars, and a complex Taji area includes 4,000 housing units at a cost of 79 billion dinars for the first phase, as well as the complex area spend towns at a cost of 65 billion Iraqi dinars, and there are pools of investment assumed by the Investment Commission of Baghdad and the national investment, including complex بسماية in terms of the unit is too large, as well as the the Investment Authority, Baghdad 15 residential compound different.
In terms of sector roads said Alhegel It has been disbursed 306 billion Iraqi dinars on the paving of rural roads, and 400 billion dinars on the water sector, noting that there is a major campaign to EXA streets of Baghdad, and that the Secretariat has pledged to complete it by the end of 2016.
, and on the security situation in the capital said “In Baghdad targets are many, and there are political parties both internal and external beneficiaries of destabilizing the situation in the capital to achieve the interests of the private internal and external.”
He added: The Baghdad security needs to the efforts of the political forces and all national, and the cooperation of the people of Baghdad themselves with the security forces to clear areas that grow the terrorism that kills innocent people and delay the process of reconstruction and development.
Asked about the level of pollution plaguing Baghdad, explained that there is a big problem in the capital because of the wars first, and most recently the devastation hit the processing unit large in the vicinity of Karkh a processing unit Karkh – Albuaath, this unit stopped for work since 2003 is still paralyzed.
stressed Alhegel that heavy water are thrown directly into the Tigris River, and the processing unit in Rusafa located on the Diyala River address only about 40% of the contaminated material, resulting from factories, hospitals located on the banks of the Tigris River, where dumped waste and filth, in addition to a lot of infections caused by hospital waste and industrial waste.
explained in the end there is a big project too is a “Ring of Baghdad’s Green” and $ 65 billion dinars, and will be implemented in three phases, pointing to the aging water lines, sanitation and water drinking has existed since the sixties of the last century.