Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions. 9-10-13

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions. 9-10-13

Iraqi Dinar Guru predictions... HELP!9-10-2013 Intel Guru Eagle1 WF source states the RV is to happen “momentarily;”…ForEx source said it can happen tonight IF one last piece of housekeeping is cleaned up by the IMF – but we don’t know if the IMF will get it cleaned up tonight…this is given as rumor/opinion, not a date…intel also says that the IMF has decided that the value of the IQD will parallel the KWD…if the IQD comes out at a low rate ($0.86 – $1.00 range)…it will be a free float; if it comes out at $3 +, it will be a managed float.

9-10-2013 Newshound Guru Kaperoni Article: “Abdul Basit Turki submit his resignation in the hands of al-Maliki” I would not be two quick to lean one way or the other on this. There are reputable news agencies saying he did summit his resignation and confirmation from Kirk [Sowell] who monitors Iraq all day. And then we see these articles denying it and it was not on tv today. As well, the CBI website has not made a statement. So at this point, we just do not know yet what is the truth.

9-10-2013 Newshound Guru Kaperoni …the problem is not the CBI nor the governor. So many seem to think Turki is scared or afraid or Shabibi was..That is not the case. These guys are professionals who cherish their lives. Yes the CBI is suppose to be independent but it is not under this situation. The GOI wants to call the shots when it comes to this event. At least once a month an article will mention GOI interference. The reality is, if Turki tried to do this on his own, Maliki would have him arrested or he would simply disappear. This quote is from the Finance Committee just a day go…”to being will strengthen the monetary value and easy to transport,” calling “the executive, legislative work on the success of this project as soon as possible.” Who is the executive? Answer – Maliki.

9-10-2013 Intel Guru Loechin things are looking good today. Yesterday heard that all is well and I am looking for a timeline later today. With the Syrian issue over a calm has come over the dinar community. The rates are still in double stuff oreo mod for the IQD and in the $3 plus range.

9-10-2013 Newshound Guru Tlar Article: “Abdul Basit Turki submit his resignation in the hands of al-Maliki” This whole thing reminds me of the Shabibi thing. First the article saying Shabibi was having charges brought against him. Next came articles suggesting that they were just rumors, followed by articles saying arrest warrants were issued. I expect the next two days we will find out that Turki has resigned and did turn in his resignation directly to Maliki. Maliki probably did accept it.

9-10-2013 Intel Guru Eagle1 there was a certain amount of dinar printed for sale outside of Iraq; the supply of IQD for sale outside of Iraq is almost depleted; the only bank globally still selling dinar is in Kuwait, all other banks are out; brokers are nearly out of IQD, and they have notified the UST that they are nearly out; this intel is HUGE – realize what this means.

9-10-2013 Newshound Guru Millionday they have been meeting all day [Monday] on the syria issue and also with the banking leaders – they met today and said that the end of the month would show the national conference if the Syria issue does not interfere and also have met about the agenda for tomorrow and parliament. they are trying to get all 55 laws and i believe another 39 laws ready for a vote all at once. they have 55 already read twice and 39 read once. [And no RV until they have NC? Correct?] that is not correct but could be — we have to see what reforms they put in place and know that they will just apply the rate with nothing but economics for the country. the news is so encouraging right now, it is great.


9-10-2013 Intel Guru Eagle1 if Turki has stepped down, it’s because his mission is accomplished; if the rumors are not true, then the articles are a distraction to divert attention from what is happening. The Syrian conflict is NOT going to derail the RV; the pipeline, ports, etc are not going to affect the global currency reset – Syria is already done and handled.

9-10-2013 Intel Guru Delta the Turki resignation article is just a re-hashed old article…Turki was very angry about the article, and he went on TV today and made a statement that he is not resigning, that he’s still at the CBI, that they are deleting the 3 zeros, that he is staying to ensure the monetary reform is completed, and that he will fight back against this false article.

9-10-2013 Intel Guru TD Well according to my source things have gone south with Turki resigning. We have to keep in mind that this was Maliki ‘s hand picked choice. My contact says that Turki and the CBI was ready to go with October 1st . The IMF is super pissed now with this event which shows continued lack of GOI instability and meddling in monetary affairs which the CBI is to be an independent body. So friends this is really bad news for us!!

9-10-2013 Intel Guru TD According to my source the IMF will not allow any currency reform without a governor effectively in charge of the CBI. Those who are saying they are seeing rates on their screens…There’s nothing there to stare at. And there won’t be until we have someone new at the helm of the CBI ( with IMF approval). Sorry for the bad news, I’m devastated too.

9-9-2013 Intel Guru Loechin As I am being told, the info has not changed and this week looks awesome for us to see the final push for the bank thing. I have received several calls from key people involved in the process of the RV that have stated that we are in the final countdown. The rates are still in the double digits on the IQD…I have also been told by some Military person’s that the Syrian conflict is not going to be an issue. We are still in line and on target for this Blessing. So be encouraged as we will see this very, very, soon.

9-9-2013 Newshound/Intel Guru BGG [I think the pressure is so great on Turki to complete the RV, and Maliki did not want it yet is why he resigned.] that may well be – the pressure is sure mounting…the two main topics – 1) Election Law. 2) Value of the Dinar. I say – we’re in good shape. Turki is moving on…They talk openly about the project EVERY DAY… the Finance Committee wants value ASAP…even if Maliki were behind this (worst case) – it means we were VERY CLOSE this morning [Sunday] or he wouldn’t have acted…and that legitimizes things – IMHO

9-9-2013 Newshound Guru Kaperoni Article: “Abdul Basit Turki submit his resignation in the hands of al-Maliki” It has been confirmed…Turki has submitted his resignation. …we need to look at both sides of this…Is turki resigning because he wants to? Or did Maliki tell him too, or else? We don’t know all the facts yet, but I remember when Turki took over, he was concerned about holding his job. And if he was making agreements to move forward with the currency reforms (which appeared he did recently), Maliki may have stepped in and said…resign or I will press charges against you like I did Shabibi! I tend to believe this is what happened over Turki just being frustrated with Maliki.

9-9-2013 Newshound Guru Kaperoni It is clear from numerous articles implying the government continues to interfere in monetary policy, that Maliki does not want currency reform at this time. I wouldn’t doubt it if Maliki decided to just remove Turki to make sure once again the dinar stays where it is at. On another note, I was told today their was nothing on Al-Iraqiya TV that indicated Turki was resigning.

9-9-2013 Intel Guru Mnt Goat There are three events that now must line up. 1. The payout of the prosperity funds for this slush fund. 2. The rollout of the US Treasury Notes. 3. The readiness of global reset (technical and all agreements done). Looks like they are attempting to coordinate these three events together. If this is true, and I am now hearing it is, then we should not expect an RV until early October unless they pull it all together earlier and decide that they can go early.

9-9-2013 Intel Guru Mnt Goat The plan can change. This is dynamic. We all know the technical issues are solved and the new rates all can effectively and accurately down load come the exchanges and banks. I think the decision for action in Syria too will decide what course of action to take next with this global reset. I am hearing maybe next Tuesday is the decision day on that. Let’s watch how it all plays out.

9-9-2013 Intel Guru TNT Tony The rates on screens are still the same, double digits and $3 something. The call centers are manned and the cash out centers are not but they can be called in within 30 minutes. The system is done & ready to go. As of late last night the pressure was on to get it done. In Iraq they are paying the cards and they are dedollarizing and they were announcing this must be done immediately.

9-9-2013 Intel Guru TNT Tony The problem is what you heard on TV about Syria. This weekend it became part of it. The RV has become a football on the world scene. We don’t want it to be that way but that’s the reality of it. I’ve heard the plan and have 3 dates. I’ll give you the 1st date…tomorrow, and the next date is not too far off from that. All 3 dates I have are in this month with justification for each date. It all depends on the Syria issue. It could go in next hour, this afternoon, as soon as final decision is made on that.