Member of the economy: to extend the period of Washington on Iraqi funds necessary to protect it from creditors

On: Wednesday 04/18/2012 10:34

Baghdad (news) .. He noted a member of the Committee of Economy and Investment MP / National Alliance / Faleh Ziadi, the need to extend the protection of American Iraqi funds deposited in the International Monetary Fund until the resolution of outstanding issues with some of the States as a result of the policy of the former regime wrong. 
said Ziadi (of the Agency news) on Wednesday: The outstanding issues between Iraq and some countries are still unresolved and need a long time to solve a result of the actions of the unjustified and mistaken policy which was followed by the former regime, which made ​​the situation in Iraq embarrassing and presented to UN economic sanctions and resolutions prevented him from freedom of action his money. 
He added, should extend the period of Washington on Iraqi funds until the resolution of all outstanding issues with some countries due to the presence of international claims and lawsuits against the Iraqi funds, noting that Iraq has now started to move to resolve all disputes and debt generated by the previous regime with the countries of the world, particularly Arab, through the visits of Prime Minister repeated those countries and including Kuwait, and the return of Iraq to the Arab, regional and pioneering role in the region after the achievement of the Arab Summit in Baghdad. 
He explained: that the steps made ​​Iraq will be in the interest of the country by removing Iraq from Chapter VII, a dream that the objective of the government, noting that countries in the world all wish to have the rule of full national and have complete freedom to act with their own money and this ambitious project. 
It should be noted that the UN Security Council established the Development Fund for Iraq in the year (2003) under paragraph (20) of the UN Security Council Resolution No. (1438) as paragraph mentioned to use the proceeds paid to the Fund by the interim authority led by the United States for the purposes of humanitarian and rebuilding the Iraqi economy and to replace the oil for food program and to be the Fund’s income from all exports from Iraq’s oil and petroleum products, and frozen Iraqi funds. / Finished / 8. d. Q /