Parliament discusses the day the House of Representatives budget for the year 2014

Parliament discusses the day the House of Representatives budget for the year 2014



Baghdad: Euphrates News} House of Representatives held on Saturday its regular {17} in the current legislative term to discuss the House of Representatives budget for fiscal year 2014.

He said a parliamentary source told {Euphrates News} that “the House of Representatives held its regular meeting today to discuss the budget of the House of Representatives for the financial year 2014 presented by the Finance Committee”.

The source added that “the agenda of the House of Representatives also includes display the achievements of the House of Representatives and Parliamentary Standing Committees in the second election cycle.”

The House of Representatives voted at its last meeting on Thursday, September 5 on the Disability Welfare Act and the disabled who demanded block by passing citizen.

The head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq Ammar al-Hakim may face in the first conference to slice with disabilities special invitation to the formation of a higher national commission an independent specializes in dealing with people with special needs and draw a strategy and develop process lines and take into account the psychological, social and living conditions and health and education to this important segment of society.

He said al-Hakim that “society bears the primary responsibility in dealing with people with special needs and later comes the responsibility to the state and this exception for people with special needs to be a community is primarily responsible for them and then come the government and parliament as well as other institutions in the state to assume its responsibility and why they need we care and love and attention, and do not consider them our minds inadequate supple deficient because they are from the community and they live and live with him. “

He said al-Hakim said “Attention people with special needs is the standard basis for the civilization of peoples and will remain تحضرنا incomplete as long as this segment of our society that did not take enough attention to the real us While rectify the awareness of society and bear its responsibilities towards this important segment, we have to go into another path depends the correct paths state in dealing with this segment and based on the right granted to them under Article 32 of the Constitution and based on Article 29 of the International Convention on the Rights of persons with disabilities, which I call the competent authorities in the government to ensure compliance and good application because Iraq is obliged to implement these international conventions ” .