More than $ 197 million Central sales of the dollar in today’s auction 9-7-2013

09/07/2013 16:59

$100 dollar billsTomorrow Press / Baghdad: CBI record sales of the dollar at an auction on Saturday on the sale and purchase of foreign currencies amounted to 197 million and 566 thousand dollars, and a stable exchange rate at 1166 dinars to the dollar.
The bulletin indicated that the Central Bank’s daily “The demand is distributed to 36 million and 700 thousand dollars was sold in cash, money orders sold value of 160 million and 866 thousand dollars at 1179 dinars to the dollar.”
She pointed to the “post 20 banks waged, did not make any of them any offers to sell the dollar.”
The central bank held the Iraqi daily sessions for the sale and purchase of foreign currencies with the participation of Iraqi banks, with the exception of public holidays in which the Bank stops for these auctions, and sales can be either in cash, or in the form of remittances sold abroad for a certain commission.