Assad agreed to the idea of ​​stepping down with terms, but Washington refused

The source of the rule of law: The Lion by step down the terms and conditions, but Washington refused

Friday, September 6, 2013 17:04

Syrian President Bashar al-AssadBaghdad / Baghdadi news / .. The newspaper quoted (future) Lebanon, on Friday, a source close to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki as saying that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad agreed to the idea of ​​stepping down from power terms, but that the face of rejection by Washington.
The source said a leader of the coalition of state law (according to the newspaper) and seen by / Baghdadi News /, that “intensive contacts held by al-Maliki with the Syrian leadership resulted in the approval of Assad on the idea of ​​stepping down from the presidency conditions, including the development of specific mechanisms to facilitate the handover of power through Links elections, and to ensure that the prosecution in the International Criminal Court, and securing a safe exit for him and his family and those close to him to another state. ”
The source explained, “The Washington rejected after a series of intensive contacts took place recently with Iraqi officials, including Maliki, admission to step down unconditionally for a lion, sticking to the need to step down immediately without providing guarantees, being can not take any decision on the lion instead of the Syrian opposition, which refuses to also stay in power for any length of time. ”
He continued that “Tehran and Moscow that they began note movements of Iraq and persistent connections that take place with Damascus, despite the fact that many Iraqi officials do not perceive with satisfaction the lion because of its role in supporting the violence in Iraq in the past,” noting that “Baghdad is moving diplomatically resolve the Syrian crisis peacefully they fear a massive influx of Syrian refugees towards Iraqi territory and armed extremist groups leakage to Iraq to carry out bombings and reprisals against the Iraqi government and its institutions. ”
The source pointed out that “the initiative launched by al-Maliki fall within the framework of attempts to prevent a U.S. attack on Syria, despite the presence of conviction large non-response, especially that all the data indicate that Washington settled options of military intervention, and being of attempts, do not work to stop upcoming attack. ” Finished / 21