Source: the political process has reached the event of death and declared war against the Kurds

Tuesday, April 17, 2012 15:38

Erbil / Baghdadiya News / .. A source close view of the Kurdistan Alliance that the political process is over, and went to the event of death due to clinical differences, He emphasized that the Ministry of Oil cut 20% of the share of provinces of the region, between that there is a war declared against the Kurds in the Arab areas. The source, who asked not to be named / to Baghdadi News /: that the political process and arrived at the event of clinical death due to the differences that have brought the process to a dead end as well as non-concession blocks for its demands and follow the policy of marginalization and exclusion and control block certain to take over the country

The source of Kurdistan, to the existence of an agreement to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to end the contract of partnership, which they described as “fake” because of government practices Maliki rejected any plan to reach a solution and a national consensus to hold the “National Congress” and Halhh outstanding issues between him and all of the components basic participation in the political process, as well as acquisition and his party to power without the involvement of other components, which brought it all into a state of legitimate concern as a result of this approach that brought the country to stage a one-party dictatorship, and the sole commander.

The source noted that the prime minister decided to do an undeclared war on the Kurds began to exempt the officers of the Kurds from their military and isolate some of his advisers and security leaders with suspicion is not justified, a signal confirms start of the confrontation in order to impose the trusteeship that Aaqublha the Kurds again.

The MP said the Kurdistan Alliance, Mehdi Haji told a news conference attended / Baghdadiya News / Today “The government is acting contrary to the principles of the Constitution according to Article (61 – b) which states had higher grades in the state with the consent of the House of Representatives,” pointing out that “these measures emphasizes exclusion and marginalization of Kurds partners in government. “

He said Haji that “targeting the Kurds in several positions, including the marginalization of the role of chief of staff of the army and the removal of an adviser to Prime Minister just Brawara and accusing the President of the Commission for reasons of Att as administrative offenses not serve the public interest,” and urged the House of Representatives and the government “to take responsibility full constitutional order to correct the problems and errors that obtained in order to ensure the future of Iraq. “

The source: The Oil Ministry withheld 20% of the provinces of the region’s share of oil derivatives, threatening to cut it completely in the coming days if the file has not been decided the amounts owed by the province.

The source explained: that the oil minister, who we met and Deinah private dialogue and access to the convincing results of the parties and promised not to cut the region’s share of the derivatives and returned the other day and Disclaimer for his promises.

The source added: that of President Jalal Talabani is facing the problem of bringing closer the points of view of the region’s president Massoud Barzani and Maliki at the insistence of the first to withdraw confidence from the government.

The source stressed the request of Maliki, Talabani to intervene with Barzani in order to resolve outstanding problems and stop statements by Barzani, the occasion or without it, which is believed al-Maliki that it held a political position and has made differences escalate had brought the political process to the case of clinical death, and harm will turn things upside down and creates alliances good where the Sadrist movement, the most prominent candidate, especially as the current leader has called on his followers to unite to form a new government and the presidency under the new political developments that could topple the government of Maliki.

Revealed Almusr that there is an alliance brings together Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and limbs Aracahlasagat the Maliki government and to find a candidate acceptable to the National Alliance or the Sadrist movement, especially that Saudi Arabia refused an Iraqi request to resolve the outstanding issues between the parties, which sought the Iraqi government through which to address complex crises that have become ringing alarm bells to open the door to all possibilities

Barzani said that upon his return from the United States to Erbil will call for “an urgent meeting attended by Iraqi leaders, to put all issues on the table serious and open away from any courtesy, and if the refusal of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to attend or to deal positively, we will reject the other hand he was president for the Iraqi government. “

He added: “The meeting is not just for the meeting, if Maliki’s refusal to attend the meeting to resolve the problem, we refuse to stay in power .. there is no room for compliments nor diplomacy, either remedy the situation or face a situation can not accept it and in which one person owns all state facilities and act according to his will and marginalizes the others and then remain prime minister, this is not acceptable at all. / Finished / 21 /