Let the Kuwaiti dispose of their property and the postponement of the outstanding issues

On: Tuesday 17/4/2012 8:57

 Baghdad / range 
Fadel Muhammad said an adviser to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to postpone round of bilateral talks with the Kuwaiti side to the end of this month. He said in a press statement on Monday that “the round of talks which were scheduled to take place in Baghdad in mid of this month between Iraq and Kuwait had been postponed to the twenty-ninth of April now.”

Mohammed said that “postponing round of talks, Iraq – Kuwait was due to the existence of obligations and travel a number of members of the Iraqi delegation,” noting that “the Kuwaiti delegation will come to Baghdad in time.”

and was scheduled to hold a second session of the Joint Higher Committee, Iraq – Kuwait in Baghdad During the first half of April under the chairmanship of the Foreign Ministers of both countries to resolve outstanding issues between the two countries, which were referred to during the visit of the Prime Minister to Kuwait. 
In the same context has announced the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers to refer to allow the Kuwaiti owners of real estate in Iraq to act Bakarathm to the concerned authorities for implementation. 
said Statement of the Secretariat received a (long) a copy of yesterday that “the Council of Ministers approved the minutes the editor on the meeting of the committee formed under the command Diwani No. 26 for the year 2011 included to allow the Kuwaiti owners of the property in the Republic of Iraq to act Bakarathm unless there is a reason why a court.” 
and added that “the resolution included Subject to the principle of reciprocity from the Kuwaiti side on the rights of Iraqis, “noting that” the exchange of commitments and approval is carried out through diplomatic channels and to receive individual applications and documented by the concerned authorities in both countries. ” 
The statement pointed out that “the minutes of the meeting noted that the Kuwaiti side between the lack of administrative decisions on the prevention of disposal or forfeiture related to the property of real estate for the citizens of Iraq in Kuwait, also pledged to increase it, if any, that the exception of judicial decisions. ” 
The deputy high Nassif for the Iraqi bloc free had called the three authorities to be a ministerial committee that will to discuss outstanding issues with Kuwait is different from its predecessors and includes members were not involved in the committees earlier formed for the same purpose. 
 said Nassif in a statement to the extent: it is very important to vary the new committee from previous committees had been formed for the same purpose, taking into account not be formed from members of the participated in the previous commissions to ensure you get better results. 
 and stressed the need for the Committee shall establish the priorities of its work file port Mubarak and the border file, as spearheading the outstanding issues between Iraq and Kuwait in terms of importance, while striving to make this Committee based on the floor of a strong through the secondment of companies global experts to discuss the outstanding issues between the two sides. 
 It is noteworthy that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki paid a visit to Kuwait on 14 March-day and one at the invitation of his Kuwaiti counterpart and met with Emir of Kuwait and the President of the National Assembly, and held talks with Kuwaiti delegation headed by the Prime Minister and took place during the visit resolving a number of files, including the demarcation of the border and end the file of Iraqi Airways, and nothing has been announced for access to the results during this visit for a number of other files, and most important of which Alaweidat file and remove Iraq from Chapter VII. “