Maliki: We tried to prevent the smuggling of oil from Kurdistan, and almost get a battle with the Peshmerga

Tuesday April 17, 2012

revealed Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on Tuesday, he tried to prevent the smuggling of oil from wells in the Kurdistan region to outside the country, but he stressed that “battle” with the Regional Guard forces almost to fall because of this attempt, invited to follow the principles and assets Constitutional investment of wealth in oil.

Maliki said that he had already offered one of the officials the Kurds, “images of the oil tank which escapes from the oil fields of the check in Khanaqin and supported with full force and indicated the direction that the evasion,” he added, saying “what we want to prevent smuggling to send regiment to protect the wells almost get a battle with the forces came from the region. ”

Maliki said “We have told the Kurdistan ordered the smuggling of oil, and also the Iranian side, but not through the media, and we tried to do everything possible to prevent this phenomenon,” saying it as “dissipation of the wealth of people, including the Kurdish people for the benefit of individuals and mafias.”

And on the accusations made by the Kurdistan to Baghdad of smuggling oil from southern Iraq, Re-Maliki that he would prefer “problem-solving away from the media,” but he explained by saying “We were surprised a barrage of accusations that we do not find any justification for it, and found to serve one only predators who do not want good for the Iraqi people as a whole nor of the Kurdish people, “noting that” the face of this fact, we found ourselves obliged to clarify some facts to the public. ”

Maliki has accused Kurdistan of “lack of transparency” in the oil contracts held by, and explained by saying “There is no doubt the success of our oil and the extent of transparency provided through a competition and contracts in public.”

“The better versions of the contract to protect the wealth of the Iraqi people from manipulation that took place before the eyes of the people and observers, but not certain success in the region who do not want to go into the nature of the oil policies pursued by the extent to which the gains of the people about what to offer for companies of gains and the temptations of” , calling for a “follow the constitutional foundations and assets in the investment of oil wealth.”